BTS V’s Participation In Pro-Military Propaganda Video Sparks Fiercely Divided Reactions


Since enlisting for his mandatory military service, BTS‘s V has occasionally updated ARMYs with his life and progress.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

So, ARMYs were excited to see V in his special black uniform, which is only for those in the SDT (special forces). On April 17, it was reported that a promotional video of the 2nd Army Corps in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, was filmed by the soldiers themselves and would be shared on YouTube. In the video, V is showcased skillfully handling the firearms and hitting his target each time he fired.


— 𓂋 (@archivefortae) April 17, 2024


— taehyung pics (@taehyungpic) April 17, 2024

Naturally, netizens were in awe of how handsome V appeared in his uniform. ARMYs hadn’t seen the idol in this specific uniform before, so they were very excited.

Taehyung in his SDT uniform!
Taehyung in action! Captain Kim Taehyung, Sir!
If this won’t motivate y’all to vote for TAE then you better question yourself


— KTH Voting Team (@vote4kths) April 17, 2024

Not every soldier can rock the military uniform with grace.

But Taehyung did. He rocked it with his bewitched beauty, charisma & hardwork.

— َ (@jjkofvante) April 17, 2024

Many ARMYs trended “CAPTAIN KOREA V” on X (formerly Twitter), expressing their excitement over their idol’s appearance in the video. They expressed how proud they were of him.

I’m so proud of you #KimTaehyung


— dii (slow) (@kthddd) April 17, 2024

Kim Taehyung is in the hardest unit in the military, having the highest IQ and athleticism needed for the job while wearing the coolest uniform

— ♡ (@KTH_UK) April 17, 2024

Captain Kim Taehyung, the most perfect person in every aspect.

— ct (@jiravalee) April 17, 2024

Yet, many ARMYs didn’t share the same sentiments. Others were disappointed at the sight of V in the promotional video.

ARMYs voiced their dismay and disappointment about V’s participation in the promotional video, referring to it as “military propaganda.” They also expressed concern that he might have been forced to star in the video due to his celebrity status. Some were also disappointed in their fellow fans for praising and sexualizing him in the uniform.

“so proud of him” “he’s so cool” and it’s just… military propaganda and forced conscription. are y’all fucking insane?? what exactly are you proud of?

— kaia⁷ (@jnggkuk) April 17, 2024

can we not glorify or sexualize the boys in military outfits and them being forced to spread military propaganda

— boob lover (@lesbianthv) April 17, 2024

The tannies being used for military propaganda is… I knew they would be but it still feels icky every time.

— Golden Champagne Confetti⁷⁼¹ (제미나이) (@gem_jam) April 17, 2024

They got tae filming military propaganda…yeah it’s a no for me dawg

— kari’s #1 fan momo ⁷ SEEING MEGAN (@kirikeeho) April 17, 2024

Many ARMYs were troubled by V being used in military propaganda as some identify as anti-war and/or pacifists. Besides, it technically doesn’t align with what BTS has advocated for in the past. Previously, BTS joined forces with UNICEF for the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign, donating millions and advocating for the end of violence. The members also addressed The White House and the United Nations, speaking on topics such as anti-Asian violence.


Other ARMYs defended V’s participation. They pointed out that everyone has their own personal beliefs. So, the BTS members’ beliefs can even differ from each other. V could be struggling through the mandatory military service, or he could be enjoying it.

Some ARMYs put the topic in a cultural context. They pointed out that South Korea is technically a country in a war, and we should respect idols’ duties as citizens.

Promotion campaigns and uses all possible ways to make the population aware, including idols or actors who will influence younger generations. If you are really a fan of a Korean group or idol you should at least show respect for their culture and the country or Your Idol born.

— Nana 경유지 (@nana_layover) April 17, 2024

Others offered even more thorough background information, explaining Koreans’ POV as military service is mandatory for men during their prime. So, most attempt to make the most of it. Military propaganda, including K-Pop, is typical to boost morale.

Still, many netizens can agree that it can be harmful for celebrities to be used for military and government propaganda due to their influence.

What do you think about the matter?

 Should celebrities be used for government propaganda? 

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