BTS Suga’s “Suchwita” Director Tells-All On The Reason IU Appeared On The Show


In one of the previous episodes of BTS Suga’s YouTube series Suchwita, singer IU came on the show, surprising global fans. In a recent Weverse interview, the series director, Jung Jae Hoon, revealed the story behind her appearance on the show.

IU and BTS’s Suga | Weverse Magazine

We are curious about the reason why IU appeared on the show.

Ever since he appeared on IU’s ‘Palette’, IU stated that she would appear on his show if his episode got over 10 million views. But because he was about to leave for military service, she decided to come on the show before 10 million views as it was something fans wanted to see. This could be a gift for both ARMY and UAENA. Although she was busy filming a drama, she somehow managed to find time to come on the show. Suga, who was also busy with preparing for enlistment, tried his best to make time for it for the fans.

— Jung Jae Hoon, “Suchwita” director

What was the atmosphere like with the 93-liners?

I wanted to see the 93-liners bicker like friends, and I was happy that that’s how it came out. The two have previously worked together on ‘People Pt. 2 (feat. IU)’ and filmed a live clip for the documentary, so they’ve had frequent contact while filming. So, despite the bickering, we could see their respect for each other’s music. Since they are good friends, I just set the big picture, and they took care of the rest. In fact, we didn’t know that he was planning to work with RM for ‘Eight,’ so it was fun to hear a new story. The overall atmosphere was nice, and they covered a good balance of being serious and having fun.

— Jung Jae Hoon, “Suchwita” director

Was there anything in particular that you prepared the most for IU’s episode?

Since Suga is also an artist, they had the most fun talking about music. You could feel how excited he was! IU has made a huge mark in K-pop, but we haven’t really delved into her history as a musician. We planned to focus on IU as a musician and used many of her songs during editing. We also tried to find a video that fits perfectly with her comments, and we watched all her videos on her channel to use the best videos possible.

— Jung Jae Hoon, “Suchwita” director

Watch the full episode below!

 We love to see this 93-liner duo! 

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