BTS’ Suga officially enlists in military, pens heartfelt note for ARMY [Check tweets]


It is an emotional day for BTS fans as Suga enlisted for his mandatory military training today. Instead of 18 months, the K-pop star will be serving a period of 21 months as he will be doing social service owing to his shoulder injury. Suga will be back in 2025 and the entire band will reunite in the same year. On Thursday, Suga penned a long and emotional note for ARMY to thank them for their overwhelming love and support and to bid them an emotional goodbye before beginning his services. Suga will reportedly be discharged from the army on June 21, 2025.

Suga bids ARMY adieu before military enlistment

On Thursday, Suga shared an emotional note on Weverse, a social media platform created by BTS’ talent management agency Hybe for fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars. In his note, Suga wrote that he wrote the message to give his greeting to the ARMY. He further added that he was able to come so far in his career because of the unwavering support of BTS fans. Suga added that the time has come for him to join the military and that he will be back soon after he completes his services sincerely. As the K-pop star will be gone for nearly 2 years, he further asked his fans to be careful of the changing seasons; from the chilly winters to autumn. “Let’s keep being healthy and let us all meet in 2025! ARMY!!!! Always, thank you and love you,” the singer wrote in his message.

ARMY pens farewell messages for Suga

Soon after Suga’s message, ARMY took to social media platforms to pen emotional farewell messages for their beloved K-pop star. Check tweets:

“There’s no need to cry, everyone. We said we will meet again in 2025, right?” Me : if i cried over you, i really love you Min Yoongi We will wait for you Yoongi#SUGA a journey

kina yoongi (@Sakina801) September 17, 2023

It’s the way Yoongi mouths “I love you”. Gets me every time ?? WE LOVE YOU YOONGI! YOONGI IS WORTH THE WAIT THE KING WILL RETURN#YOONGI #SUGA #To2025_WithSUGA #UntilSpringComesBack #BTS

?????? ?? On Layo er! (@KimsterW) September 21, 2023

“There’s no need to cry, we said we’ll meet in 2025, right??? we promised, right? Let’s see each other in 2025…!” #SUGA‘s last LIVE befor military enlistment..?

BTS Updates, News & Charts (@_BTSMoments_) September 17, 2023

HYBE renews BTS contract

Meanwhile, BTS’ talent management agency HYBE on September 20 announced that they have renewed their contract with the agency and music label Bighit Music and the band will stay together from 2025 and beyond. The official statement by Hybe announced the board of directors’ resolution to renew the exclusive contract for 7 members of BTS including Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. All the members are expected to sign the contract following the completion of their mandatory military services in 2025.

 BTS’ Suga pens emotional note thanking ARMY for their love and support and reveals that he will be back in 2025. 

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