BTS’ RM confirms K-pop band ‘will be back for sure’ in 2025; here’s what ARMY can expect from Bangtan boys’ reunion


BTS ARMY have been eagerly waiting for an announcement about the band’s reunion ever since the K-pop group announced their hiatus in 2022 to pursue mandatory military services. On Tuesday, BTS’ member RM confirmed that the boyband will be back together in 2025. The news was confirmed by the singer in a livestream with his fans on the fan community platform WeVerse, where RM revealed working on a solo project and plans about the boy group’s future.

RM wants fans to think of the BTS hiatus as a ‘vacation’

During the livestream session, RM spoke about how he is thinking of the boyband’s break as a vacation to “get back where they were.” Talking about the much-awaited reunion of BTS, RM added, “I definitely feel that And what I’m thinking right now is, these days, when I’m doing my solo projects, is, this is just like a vacation to get back to where I was, which was BTS and ARMY.” He went on to add, “What I mean by that is that it’s a kind of vacation that we, BTS and ARMY, need to take to successfully come back as a whole. So, I believe all our solo activities are important trips for our next chapter, and they’re also trips which we must go on in order to safely come back home.”

RM expresses his thoughts about his solo journey

Speaking about working on his solo projects, RM said, “So all the solo is just a journey, but it is an important journey for chapter two. But a journey to get back home safely, eventually when we get back and reunite together in 2025.” “So thanks for the support and the love. I swear that I’ve never taken this enormous love for granted in my whole life and I will be the same in the future. I can bet that all the other members will feel the same, so it is a greatness of love,” he added.

“Thanks for making this song and for supporting and the love. I swear that I never been taking this enormous love for granted in my whole life and I will be the same in the future.”# RM #RM # #Namjoon

— namjoon loops ? (@loopsofnj) August 12, 2023

BTS’ J-Hope and Jimin are already serving in the military, while Suga recently began his enlistment process. The other members of the K-pop band have been working on their solo projects. Recently, V released two songs marking his solo debut titled, ‘Rainy Days’ and ‘Love Me Again’ from his upcoming solo album ‘Layover’ which will be out on September 8.

What to expect from BTS reunion in 2025

Recently, in an episode from Suga’s new show Suchwita, RM and Suga spoke about their plans about the impending reunion of the band in 2025. RM revealed that he plans to “prepare some songs” for the BTS to perform after they all complete their mandatory services. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2025, but if I come back to work early, I was thinking that maybe I could prepare some songs before the other members came for BTS or for me,” RM said during the show. He further added, “We talked about how 2025 would be the year most of our members complete their service, and it’s also the monumental year The Most Beautiful Moment in Life would turn ten years old, so then we’re probably going to be able to do something. I think we’re going to try and keep that promise.”

 BTS heartthrob RM recently confirmed that the K-pop boy band will be reuniting in 2025 after a 3 years-long hiatus and also spoke about working on his solo projects. 

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