BTS: Min Yoongi aka Suga says he likes Bollywood; Desi ARMY shares Bangtan edits with Indian music [Check Reactions]


BTS member Min Yoongi, popularly known as Suga has been touring different countries and places as his album, D-Day released, just a couple of weeks ago. And currently, BTS Suga is in Thailand on tour itself. The singer and music composer did his concert and came back to chat with the BTS ARMY online. And while eating and chatting alongside the ARMYs, he talked about the Indian BTS ARMY and Bollywood. Yes, you read that right! And naturally, the Desi BTS ARMY is going to go bonkers with Min Yoongi’s this revelation.

Min Yoongi aka BTS Suga mentions Indian BTS ARMY and Bollywood in his live

Suga’s live on Weverse is going viral in entertainment news. Min Yoongi had been reading up on the comments in which ARMYs have been commenting on all the places they want him to visit. Suga read India first. He talked about how he really wanted to perform in India. And when the tour dates were announced for the BTS tour, they were also considering India as an option. However, due to COVID, they had to cancel the same. Suga went on to add that he has heard that a lot of Indian ARMYs are supporting BTS from India. And he went on to add that he is a fan of Indian films. Yes, BTS ARMY we have won at life because Min Yoongi likes Indian films. “I love Bollywood films,” the translation of his message read.

Desi BTS ARMY goes berserk with Suga’s big revelation

Well, it is only natural for the Desi BTS ARMY to celebrate right now. They have been sharing a lot of Bangtan Boys’ edits with some desi music in it and the tweets are wholesome. From popular Bollywood songs to dhol beats and what not, the Desi BTS ARMY is imagining BTS in India already. Check out their tweets below:

“India, i’ve heard there are lot of ARMYs,supporting us from india. I like indian movies & really like bollywood films”

First Jimin mentioning 3 idiots,Koo vibing to nattu nattu & now Yoongi mentioning Bollywood, this is our cue to start saving ? BANGTAN DELIGHT Take Two Today (@Lovly_mochitwin) June 11, 2023

you too can be like yoongi and watch bollywood films! here are some of my personal favorites: om shanti om (silly, a classic), lagaan (more serious, incredible soundtrack), zindagi na milegi dobara (friends road trip!), 3 idiots (famous, jimin likes it), badhaai do (gay)

army film club (@0613frames) June 11, 2023


INDIAN ARMYS THE TOUR DOESNT LOOKS SO FAR tani (@stopbeingdelulu) June 11, 2023

yoongi said he likes bollywood ?? time to bring in the bts desi agenda edits

har festa ? take two (@bufftansupremac) June 11, 2023

YOONGI said he wants to go to India and he likes Bollywood movies we are getting that India tour in 2026?

Shru (slow)? (@bangtinyboyys) June 11, 2023

im sorry but i have to talk about haseen yoongi and his zulfein……do y’all think he likes old bollywood movies too…

flower ? (@tulipstfu) June 11, 2023

yoongi: India. i’ve heard there are a lot of armys supporting us from india. guys, i’m a fan of indian movies, love the bollywood films. ????

?? (@minch_Vc) June 11, 2023

Tannies watching Indian movies and being familiar with bollywood, Indian army’s getting the recognition and getting acknowledged, oh that tour date is def happening next time. Someone needs to pinch me?

? (@thvsgaze) June 11, 2023


dijucee (@rmvsjk) June 11, 2023

yoongi said he loves indian movies, bollywood movies that means maybe these edits aren’t really just edits like yk????

zoe ? (@barbiejunkoo) June 11, 2023

Desi army twitter after yoongi mentioned India and Bollywood

tani (@stopbeingdelulu) June 11, 2023

Yoongi watching Bollywood to propose me like this, i know it

KiKi ? ? (@seokjinah070) June 11, 2023

you just can’t forget this when you’re talking about bts bollywood agenda, this even came on national tv? ?

zoe ? (@barbiejunkoo) June 11, 2023

Yoongi said that he has heard there are a lot of armys supporting them from india and he’s a fan of indian movies, he love the bollywood films?? I’m telling y’all he def watched 3 idiots and even RRR with jungkook,atp that india tour is not far

sara ? (@ot7enthusiast) June 11, 2023

He was the last person istg who I thought watched Bollywood

Ar. JONGUKKIE I AM LACTOSE INTOLERANT 2 (@namjoona9764ps2) June 11, 2023

Me right now because yoongi said he likes and watches Bollywood movies:

Timtim FESTA ? (@taesidedish) June 11, 2023

Yoongi belly dancing on Bollywood not a far fetched DREAM ANYMORE

Ar. JONGUKKIE I AM LACTOSE INTOLERANT 2 (@namjoona9764ps2) June 11, 2023

since yoongi said he likes bollywood movies, im here to bring back my favorite desi yoongi edit.

r ? (@jokechiId) June 11, 2023

Talking about BTS and India, this is not the first time BTS has talked about coming to India. A couple of years ago, when BTS did an interview with an Indian outlet, BTS leader, Kim Namjoon aka RM mentioned how they had been thinking of performing in India but their plans were cancelled as COVID hit the world. And now, ARMY, aim for 2025 and the BTS X India concert!

 BTS member Min Yoongi aka Suga mentioned Indian BTS ARMY, concerts and also Indian films in his live session just a couple of hours ago and Desi ARMY is not FINE! 

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