BTS Makes Another Surprise Cameo In K-Drama “Marry My Husband”


It seems like the writers for K-Drama Marry My Husband are huge fans of BTS too! They previously used the song as a way to fuel the plot. The drama is about Kang Ji Won (played by Park Min Young) who goes back in time to exact her revenge on her husband and backstabber best friend. She is helped by Yoo Ji Hyuk (played by Na In Woo), who has also gone back in time to save her. Ji Won realizes that Ji Hyuk is a fellow time traveler due to BTS songs. They both shared their favorite BTS songs, only to realize that those songs have both not yet been released.

using BTS songs as the way for Jiwon and Jihyuk to realize they are from the future was brilliant

Loved that they even put a little bit of the songs and the date they came out hahah#MarryMyHusband #MarryMyHusbandEp6

— r o s e (@kdramasrose) January 16, 2024

In the 8th episode, BTS was invoked once more. As Ji Won gets a proposal from her boyfriend Park Min Hwan, fireworks hit the sky. They read out “Spring Day,” which was previously made known as Ji Won’s favorite BTS song.

She accepts the proposal as the next step to her revenge plan.

Check out the full scene below.

Looks like references to BTS are now becoming common in K-Dramas! Read about the time where BTS was featured in K-Drama Our Blues.

BTS Make An Unexpected Cameo In The Newest K-Drama “Our Blues”


 The drama has featured BTS multiple times. 

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