BTS leader Kim Namjoon aka RM reveals his pet Moni is no more; BTS ARMY mourns his demise 


In another shocking news today, BTS member Kim Namjoon, popularly known as RM revealed in his LIVE session that his per Moni is not more. The news has come as a huge shock for the BTS ARMY. A couple of hours ago, Kim Namjoon came live and talked about a lot of things but this has shaken up ARMY who are mourning the demise of Moni and also remembering him with pictures and videos of Moni that they have.

RM reveals his pet Moni has passed away

BTS member Kim Namjoon shares that Moni passed away a couple of months ago. He told the BTS ARMY on Live that he crossed the rainbow bridge. RM, being an idol could not spend much time with Moni. However, the pet pooch was very close to his family members. RM reveals that his family is having a tough time dealing with his demise. He did not share the news of Moni’s passing with the ARMY before. RM shares that Moni was a family member. He adds that he bought a painting that looks like Moni and he has hung it up on the wall. A BTS fan account shared the same on Instagram. They shared RM’s pictures with Moni. Check out the post below:

BTS ARMY mourn the demise of Moni

rip moni 🙁

onyx (@tdctreasure) August 12, 2023


MyFaceIsAPancakeYouKnow ( ) (@rkiveBonsai001) August 12, 2023

I hope Moni is in peace now

Pisces ?BESTIE OF TANNIES? ?? Hope Ver( ) (@Boranix1331) August 12, 2023

I was just thinking about Moni too ???

syd future’s gonne be okay (@triviaseesaw_93) August 12, 2023

Rest in peace Moni 🙁

:): (@bxeomchoi) August 12, 2023


#1 tzuyu lover (@tzuphoric) August 12, 2023

One of my favorite pics I know Moni is resting in a beautiful place right now ??

Nina ( ) with BTS forever (@11everythingoes) August 12, 2023

#NAMJOON te amamos mucho.

Ve a hacer un lindo alebrije Moni ? Te quiero mucho ? bello angelito ?#Moni Carmen-BTS-Army (@Casmar2004) August 12, 2023

Moni 🙁 RIP doggo..i will always miss you ignoring namjoon

LayoVer (Ft. Tannie) (@worldwide_tutor) August 12, 2023

Omg Moni passed? I’m just now finding out. May he rest in peace. Wishing Namjoon comfort and tranquility in this time. Losing a best little buddy must be difficult to experience. Sending him a lot of love

stephy:) (@stephy_lyann) August 12, 2023

namjoon has such a way of saying everything so beautifully. who the hell says someone crossed the rainbow i love him so fucking much?? rest well moni

? (@breadkive) August 12, 2023

Ahora Moni es un angelito que desde el cielo esta cuidado a su papi Namjoon ??

love Namjoon ???i (@MCarmaxkim) August 12, 2023

Namjoon telling us moni passed made me real sad

?mel mammon ? (@jiminiebooboo) August 12, 2023

hold on moni died?! oh man namjoon sorry for your loss 🙁

sunny (@sunnyhopejhs) August 12, 2023

Perder un perrito es extremadamente doloroso, ellos se convierten en uno m s de la familia y se sufre cuando ellos no est n bien…

Moni hermoso, gracias por haber acompa ado y regalado momentos hermosos a Namjoon ? Yoongist-D (@Yoongist_d) August 12, 2023

RM on live

Other than sharing this piece of heartbreaking news, RM comforted ARMYS and took comfort from them as well. He talked about Suga turning emotional and sharing his emotions through his shows across different countries. He talked about getting back together in 2025. RM shared that Jin and Hobi will be out before the rest of them will come out after completing their military training. RM also thanked the ARMY for staying with them and showering BTS with so much love all these days. He talked about getting a buzz cut and thanked ARMY when they complimented him for his look. Inquisitive ARMY asked him why he got a buzz cut, RM shared that it was for no reason. ARMY has been wondering if RM is going to enlist in the military due to his hair cut. He talked about releasing his next album too. Meanwhile, Suga has applied for the cancellation of the postponing of his military service which means he is the next to enlist in the military.

 BTS’ leader Kim Namjoon recently shared in his live session that his dear pet Moni passed away. BTS ARMY is remembering Moni and mourning his demise. 

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