BTS’ Kim Taehyung aka V wishes RM on his birthday; ARMY cannot get over Taejoon [Check Reactions]


RM, that is, Kim Namjoon is celebrating his 29th birthday today. Wishes have been pouring in for the BTS leader from all corners of the world. Not just the ARMY, but also the BTS members have been celebrating Namjoon day today and sharing heartfelt wishes. BTS V, Jimin and Jungkook wished their leader and Namjoon hyung on his birthday.

BTS’ Kim Taehyung aka V wishes Kim Namjoon aka RM

The Slow Dancing hitmaker took to his social media handle and shared an Instagram story wishing RM. He shared a picture from their Permission To Dance concert. The picture includes BTS V, J-Hope and Namjoon. The Layover hitmaker wished RM and said “You are my fork and I am soup,” It’s a statement by RM but not quite the way V quoted it. ARMY is having loads of fun with the same. Also, Taehyung shared a voice note wishing RM on his 29th birthday. The BTS ARMY is sharing the same online. Check the tweets below:


moni ( ) ? (@taeisthv) September 12, 2023

Fork soup taejoon ??

Yeontan ?? ? (@yeontaebear) September 12, 2023

my vmon/taejoon heart ??

? (@whaIiejin) September 12, 2023

My Taejoon heart ?

elle (@otjooniejunie) September 12, 2023

Creio q taejoon is real

MIN | Joonie day ? (@RMYBOYFRND) September 12, 2023

taejoon my beloved

noa *: (@ghiblitannies) September 12, 2023


kaila | JOONIE DAY ??? (@taytaedaylight) September 12, 2023

11:11 taejoon ??

elee ( ) ; joon day ! (@hercart_) September 12, 2023

Jungkook wishes RM, comments below the BTS Leader’s post

Kim Namjoon aka RM took to the Weverse handle and penned a heartfelt note on turning 29. The Wild Flower rapper talked about this being his last birthday in the 20s. The Run BTS singer says that even if it is not a big deal, he feels happy to see so many fans sharing heartfelt wishes. RM talks about still being unable to express his feelings but has grown calmer. Lately, RM has been living by the phrase “why not.” Namjoon talked about a lot of things, trying to express himself and eventually ended with a promise to meet the ARMY someday. The Golden Makne of BTS, Jungkook commented on the post to wish RM. “Hyung, don’t be sick. Wishing you happy birthday before the plane takes off,” he wrote. Jungkook jetted off to New York to attend MTV VMAs.

BTS Jimin wishes RM

Park Jimin aka Jimin also shared a picture to wish RM on his birthday. He hid their eyes behind hand-drawn goofy shades. Check out his post below:

Kim Namjoon is the leader of BTS. He forms a part of the rap line of the septet and is known for his amazing writing skills and music. RM is the only member who is fluent in English. The rapper dropped a video of himself with a friend on his birthday. Meanwhile, ARMYs across the globe have been celebrating Namjoon Day since the beginning of September. Happy birthday Namjoon!

 BTS leader RM, that is, Kim Namjoon is celebrating his birthday today and his bandmates, Kim Taehyung aka V and Jungkook have wished him. Check out their wishes below: 

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