BTS: Kim Taehyung aka V reveals Yeontan doesn’t listen to him when he is with THIS person 


BTS member Kim Taehyung is gearing up for the release of his album Layover. This is Taehyung’s first solo album and the BTS ARMY is eagerly looking forward to it. Mononymously known as V, Taehyung is promoting the album in his country amidst his other schedules. He was recently featured on the cover of W Korea for September 2023 issue. And V has shared interesting information about his little pet, Yeontan.

Kim Taehyung opens up on his furry friend Yeontan

Ahead of the release of Layover, V participated in a Q&A with W Korea magazine in which he talked about Yeontan’s health and revealed who is the boss of Yeontaon. The South Korean Idol and actor shares that his pet pooch was recently put on a diet because he ate too much. V, also fondly known as TaeTae amongst the ARMY, reveals Yeontan also got a haircut and looks extra cute after the same.

BTS V shares that Yeontan doesn’t listen to him when he is with THIS person

In the same Q&A session, BTS’ handsome hunk was also asked if Tannie (Nickname of Yeontan) listens to him. The Love Me Again singer shares that he is not the ultimate boss of Yeontan. Taehyung reveals that his mom, whom he fondly calls ‘Boss of the family’, is the one whom Yeontan listens to the most. When Yeontan is with Taetae’s mom, he will not listen to him even when he calls for him. But when they are with strangers, he’s the boss of Yeontan. Teehee, that’s just adorable.

Watch the video of Taehyung here:

Taehyung reveals shocking deets about Yeontan’s appearance in Rainy Days MV

During a live, BTS V shared that he couldn’t take Yeontan to Spain for the shoot of Rainy Days. The furry friend in the MV is not Yeontan but someone else. “It’s a friend who looked the most like Tannie,” Taehyung shared. ARMY was shocked when Taehyug shared this backstory about Yeontan’s appearance in the Rainy Days MV. Talking about Kim Taehyung‘s debut solo album, Layover, it will be released on 8th September 2023. As per reports, Taehyung has collaborated with NewJeans creative director Min Hee-jin for the same. Each of the tracks from the album will have a music video as well. Two songs have been released so far, Love Me Again and Rainy Days which were released on 10th August and 11th August. It will have six tracks in total. Previously, Taehyung apologised to the ARMY for delaying the album so much.

 Kim Taehyung also known as BTS’ V has been promoting his upcoming album Layover everywhere. Recently, in an interview he shared his pet pooch is very close to THIS person. 

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