BTS: Kim Taehyung aka V apologizes to ARMY for THIS reason; fans have the sweetest response


BTS V aka Kim Taehyung is one of the most popular Kpop idols. He is currently gearing up for the release of his solo debut album, Layover. Ever since BTS, the biggest and most loved boyband in the world announced they will be going solo and have their military enlistments, the BTS ARMY have been looking forward to the solo debuts of each member. Kim Taehyung aka BTS V is also on the list. Finally, the South Korean singer and actor is making his solo debut with an album called Layover. He apologized to the ARMY ahead of the release. The reason left ARMY melting.

BTS: Kim Taehyung aka V apologizes to ARMY for this reason

Ahead of the release of his solo album, Kim Taehyung sat down for an interview with W Korea, a popular entertainment magazine. During the interview, he was asked about his Achilles Heel, about his vulnerability. The Run BTS singer answered with honesty saying it would be his pace. He says that he tends to move at his own pace and rhythm. And this might have tested ARMY’s patience at times. Taehyung adds that for the release of his solo album, ARMY had to wait extensively. He wanted to release his solo album, Layover last year in December. However, the process was delayed. It left him with an enduring sense of apology towards the ARMY, Koreaboo quotes the translated response.

BTS ARMY reacts as Taehyung apologizes to them

BTS ARMY has been with the boys since the beginning. Even the new BTS ARMY has been supporting them through thick and thin. Seeing Taehyung’s apologetic feelings, ARMY quickly jumped to soothe him, telling him, he had nothing to apologize for. Check out their sweetest response here:

If one more member apologise cause they think army is dissatisfied with their decisions i’d seriously start poking some akgaes in the eye fr

( ) (@agustdickmin) August 22, 2023

Not at all like that, we love it with whatever pace you work tae, our love. You have work so hard !!

Aashi | ( ) (@Aashisingh1277) August 22, 2023

You don’t owe us an apology tae, ARMYs trust you. Impatient individual victimisers do owe an apology to you

MyFaceIsAPancakeYouKnow ( ) (@bonsai_fairy) August 22, 2023

he shouldnt have to applogize for this?

jungkook (@jkkluvly) August 22, 2023

you literally do not need to apologise mr. kim taehyung

kej | layo er (@honsoolyun7) August 22, 2023

see this is why ppl shouldn’t rush them to release their album let them do it on their own pace

samiha ? . ( ) (@kisstans) August 22, 2023

being comfortable in one’s own pace is not easy (and is commendable), tbh. it’s not something that everyone can do, i’m pretty sure he came a long way to get to that level. i hope he knows that it’s totally okay and armys will always wait for him

sha layo( )er (@sopenism) August 22, 2023

And when I catch all those who made him feel guilty for taking his time and pace and made it seem like it was being delayed and “sabotaged”

The_Tannies_soulmate? | ( ) |#HobiWeLoveJITB (@Here4OT7Thando) August 22, 2023

No member of BTS has ever or will ever test my patience! when will solos stop embarrassing us infront of the boys!!!!!

? (@nekolela_maali) August 22, 2023

BTS V on his solo debut

Well, last year, whenever ARMY would ask him about his solo debut album, Taehyung did indeed share that it had been delayed as he scratched his songs or had to rework them. Taehyung would write some songs but then scrape them feeling dissatisfied. But he assured ARMY that he was working on them and that his writing improved. Well, BTS V wants to give ARMY the perfect mellifluous debut and hence, he wanted to ensure that it’s the best quality of listening and visual experience for them. Layover is dropping in September. ARMY, are you ready to break records?

 BTS member Kim Taehyung is next in line to make his solo debut with his album called Layover. But he seeks an apology from the BTS ARMY for the same. Check out how fans reacted to his apology below… 

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