BTS Jungkook’s New Photoshoot Goes Viral For Its “Meme Potential”


Though BTS’s Jungkook is currently away from the bustle of the spotlight as he finished his mandatory military service, his star power is alive and thriving. Recently, Calvin Klein, a brand he represents as a global ambassador, launched a new campaign featuring the idol, which went viral almost immediately.

Apart from a video ad, the fashion house has been dropping pictures from multiple photoshoots with Jungkook. While some of them boldly showed off his sculpted body,


Others oozed sexy confidence in casuals and retro denim.

| @CalvinKlein/Twitter | @CalvinKlein/Twitter

A lot of these pictures were taken at the New York Grand Central Station, making the shoot all the more iconic.

| @CalvinKlein/Twitter

However, one particular photo has found its way to the center of the spotlight, not because of how stunning the singer looks in it but for all the meme opportunities it offers. In the picture, Jungkook sports a full-black outfit, complete with a black leather jacket, as he stares into the camera, standing with his legs wide apart.

| @CalvinKlein/Twitter

ARMYs immediately seized the opportunity to bring out their funniest re-interpretations of this pose. While some decided to use it in masterful calligraphy,

— Otsukare ⓢ⁷⁼¹ (@DailyOtsukare) February 16, 2024

— THE PURPLE DINOSAUR⁷ IS NOT BTS ALBUMLESS (@aleecee7) February 16, 2024

— Kim⁷ (@kookiesnkim__) February 16, 2024

Others used it to reunite him with his hyungs,


— sen (@sugatradamus) February 16, 2024

three branches of the government

— andy⁷ (@k00inLUV) February 16, 2024

Jin, I understand the need for a nap but your brother is trying to take a picture here…

— (@dontworrymochi) February 16, 2024

Hobi: you’re doing amazing, sweetie!

— (@dontworrymochi) February 17, 2024

Or show off their passion for graphic design.

biblically accurate jungkook

— myca little seven (@starrybbyoongs) February 16, 2024

Well, featuring Jungkook in brand campaigns gets people talking in one way or the other. Calvin Klein couldn’t possibly be happier with an ambassador like him!

 He brought out the finest creatives. 

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