BTS’ Jungkook turns shy as Jimmy Fallon brings up his sleeping picture from Weverse Live; says, ‘Armys like it’ [Watch]


BTS‘ Golden Maknae Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook is promoting his upcoming album Golden in the West. He appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show. During his appearance, Jungkook interacted with the ARMYs and answered a lot of questions by Jimmy Fallon. Talking about the things that were discussed during their interaction, Jimmy mentioned BTS’ Live streams on Weverse which left the youngest BTS member a little embarrassed.

Jungkook turns shy as Jimmy Fallon brings up his sleeping Weverse Live moment

Jungkook looked handsome in a white jacket and black innerwear that he teamed with denim. Jimmy Fallon noted that about his Live streams in which he usually sings and cooks in front of millions of ARMYs. And then he pops up Jungkook’s picture in which he is seen sleeping. Jimmy found it funny and called it his favourite thing, that is, Jungkook falling asleep during a Livestream. Jungkook almost hid his face to hide his blushing cheeks. However, Jimmy went on to add that about 6 million people were watching him sleep. That was the breaking point and Jungkook couldn’t hide his feelings anymore. He hid his face behind his hand, pinching his nose bridge, in embarrassment. Jungkook proudly boasts about the ARMY liking it but admits that it is actually embarrassing. Jungkook shares that it was unexpected and not planned. His video is going viral in entertainment news.

Watch the video of Jungkook talking about sleeping during his Livestream here:

.@bts_bighit‘s #JungKook reacts to learning that six million people watched him sleep on a @weverseofficial livestream ? #JungKookOnFallon #FallonTonight

The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight) November 7, 2023

ARMYs react to Jungkook on Jimmy’s show

While the audience in the studio was cheering non-stop on Jungkook, the ARMYs online also supported Jungkook and cheered on him, laughing over it, cherishing their bond. Some ARMYs recollected watching Jungkook sleep and being quiet so as to not disturb him while he slept. BTS and the ARMYs truly share a unique bond which has never before been seen with any fandom or stars/idols. Check out their reactions here:

And we were being so very quiet too while watching him sleep, didn’t want to wake him up ??

(Syl)joy ?? ? (@Syljoy7) November 7, 2023

These are our secrets ??

(@RaghadSah16) November 7, 2023

Some of my best memories are watching Jungkook live on Weverse… sleeping is no exception ?

Candi ? ? (@candiapple45) November 7, 2023

I was there number 3,457,233 ??

Claudizzle… (@lovehlylovehly) November 7, 2023

I am one of those. ?

MinYoonKer (@MinYoonker) November 7, 2023

I was one of those 6 million who watched and stayed until the it was turned off by whoever.

Jk_65 (fan) Goldens (@carentwit01) November 7, 2023


B M ? (@TigerMudra) November 7, 2023


Fizzzzz ? (@ImSfizzaa) November 7, 2023

one of the most cutest and precious jungkook moments ever ??

jungkook golden (@adoresjeons) November 7, 2023

Don’t you expose us like that …. that was just bora thing ???

SIA GOLDEN ? (@7wild_flower7) November 7, 2023

I was folding my laundry ? while he slept. ???

lil’duckhouse ?? ? ( ) ? (@bandogurrl) November 7, 2023

” its a little embarrassing ” ITS OKAY BABE

dami (@pjm_kg) November 7, 2023

I thought he was going to show the clip of him inside the blanket

Jessilee ? GOLDEN (@jiminiechicky) November 7, 2023

ARMYs are also complaining about the Weverse App. They are claiming about being duped, app crashing and virus, etc on X while reacting to the video. Check out the reactions here:

it’s 5k a month btw

ana’s (@YOONCCl) November 7, 2023

That livestream costs are too high and we have to pass a hard test for that app . I passed that test after 3 years and my friend is trying so hard from last 7 years but she still failed … don’t you guys bother yourself !

SIA GOLDEN ? (@7wild_flower7) November 7, 2023

I sold one of my kidney for Weverse Subscription……don’t bother you guys

Srv4j (@srv4j7) November 7, 2023

Weverse is full of viruses. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

trinh ? (@trinhers) November 7, 2023

Someone hacked my phone when I downloaded Weverse ? YALL don’t do it

niniwluv (@joonismimi) November 7, 2023

weverse scammed me and now i’m bankrupt and remortgaging my house

soozoeun #3 is jopping (@jiminjiminjimn) November 7, 2023

Don’t subscribe to weverse. They hardly post anything anyway and they never sleep on there. Jimmy was just saying that for laughs. He’s a comedian

char thinkin abt MYG (@charbutterfly) November 7, 2023

Weverse cost thousands of dollars so don’t bother yall ???

V ? (@SapphicMexican) November 7, 2023

sorry to break it to everyone but weverse no longer accepts sign ins

malaika (@btsbareback) November 7, 2023

weverse costs $300 per month to use

mikey ? (@rapsukkaz) November 7, 2023

I bought the last weverse it’s sold out forever

shae ?? (@mtvmin) November 7, 2023

Weverse cost $100 a month to use btw

Cathy (@IndeedRkive) November 7, 2023


jc (@tickledthv) November 7, 2023

It’s invite only closed forver sorry guys

ran GOLDEN (@koobiloop) November 7, 2023

I work extra shifts to keep up with weverse don’t get any ideas unless you want to be broke

Jen ??? (@iseeyoubangtan) November 7, 2023

Talking about Jungkook and his upcoming album, it is his debut album as a solo artist. He has dropped several singles so far. The album titled Golden was released on 3rd November.

 Jungkook is in the west and he recently made an appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show. The host pulled up his sleeping picture from a livestream. It left him embarrassed. 

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