BTS’ Jungkook pushed by security at Korea’s Incheon Airport? Livid ARMY says ‘So disrespectful and unprofessional’


BTS member Jungkook has reportedly headed to Budapest, Hungary for a new project. His album Golden will be out soon. Jungkook was seen carrying a camera in his hand as he is making a video of his entire experience. It looks like a new production is coming from Golden Closet Films. But a video shared by Dispatch has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. We can see a staff from Korea’s Incheon Airport slightly pushing the BTS vocalist. Fans are livid as Jungkook was at his polite best all through. They have said it is very disrespectful and unprofessional.

Fans land up at Budapest airport

A number of fans had landed up at the Budapest airport to meet Jungkook. They were even singing Seven loudly to greet him. The Golden Maknae of BTS had to make a quiet exit from the VIP area. Fans have called out those crowding at the airport. But this video of Jungkook being pushed has made ARMY livid beyond measure. Take a look at the reactions…

Filming is not allowed after a certain part in the airport and it is the duty of staff to remind people that. HOWEVER with words! There was absolute no need for staff to push Jungkook back. He was the only one who had his camera down and pointing away from anyone else.

Protect Jungkook (@protectforjjk) October 15, 2023

My blood is boiling you can tell that jk was startled by his/her actions why would u treat someone like that.

?? ????xy (@jjanexy) October 15, 2023

There was no need to push his camera. He is so rude. That’s not the right way ?? his manager his bodyguards should protect him ?? I am seriously pissed off. Kookie is such a great human being ?? He has such a beautiful heart. This world is such a bad place ??

Ayat (@Aayat_23) October 15, 2023

There was absolutely no need to push him when he already stopped to listen … And then immediately turned it off when he got to know …words could have been enough .. staff can remind politely …

Moni/Chromatic (@Moni_Butter) October 15, 2023

Maybe the angle is a little off here. Some people said that Jungkook stepped back instinctively which is why it looks like he was pushed. Jungkook is adored all over Korea, and is a regular at the airport with his whole entourage. Golden is coming on November 3, 2023.  

 BTS’ Jungkook’s video from the airport goes viral. BTS ARMY unhappy seeing how staff treated the Golden Maknae who was travelling to Budapest 

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