BTS: Jungkook makes Butter Chicken, Naan and Curry trend on social media after revealing he’s fond of Chicken Makhni and the flatbread


BTS maknae Jungkook is going a number of VLives nowadays. The singer who has deactivated his Instagram account has said that Weverse is the place for him. Today, he did a couple of lives. He did one after his performance at Music Bank Inkigayo. Now, he again switched on the live. The singer said he had to finish his laundry before sleeping. It seems the dryer would take some time. In between, he spoke to ARMYs. A fan asked if he had ever eaten Indian food. He said he loved desi food. It seems he likes Naan and curry and mentioned Chicken Makhni. Desi fans are overjoyed. This is not all. The Seven singer also adorably described the shape of a Naan on his Vlive. He told people not to talk about food as he would end up feeling hungry. He said he was starving. Earlier, Jimin had said that he knew Biryani was Indian food. BTS Indian fans are on cloud nine. SUGA said that he had watched Bollywood films in the past. Jungkook also sang Naatu Naatu much to the delight of everyone. Even RRR team gave him a shout-out for it!

this is gonna be ARMY’S outside Indian restaurants after Jungkook mentioned he likes chicken makhani & naan

BTS PICS SEVEN (@GirlWithLuv_24) July 30, 2023

? have you had indian food ? oh you know the curry that you dip naan into?? what is it called.. i LOVE it. im craving it right now.. im starving.. please dont talk about food

yoongi loops (@loopmyg) July 30, 2023

He is starving awww Jungkook ??

? ?? (@my7stars4ever) July 30, 2023

What do I have to pay to go to him and give him whatever Indian curry he’s craving for. Oh lord. Give me teleportation power so I can feed this baby ?

#1HOT100 JUNGKOOK’S 7 (@m_beingstranger) July 30, 2023

The way he said chicken makhani ? i cried

rian stream seven ? (@taespaintbrush_) July 30, 2023

“Chicken makhani and naan”

I think he’s describing the shape of naan and how much he likes it Ar. JONGUKKIE I AM LACTOSE INTOLERANT 2 (@namjoona9764ps2) July 30, 2023


Someone asked if I’ve ever tried Indian food. Chicken makhani. You know naan? You dip it in the curry and eat it. I really love that. Eating it with curry. God, I want to eat it so bad. It’d be delicious. I’m hungry. I’m starving. Please don’t talk about food. I beg Golden Times (@JJK_Times) July 30, 2023

We can see that fans in India are thrilled. Desis are waiting for the day when BTS will land on Indian soil. Jungkook is soon going to release an album and perhaps one more song.  

 BTS: Jungkook adorably describes the shape of Naan as he reveals being a fan of Chicken Makhni and Naan. Desi fans are on cloud nine 

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