BTS: Jungkook Indian fans promote Seven in Kolkata, stick posters besides politicians [View Pic]


BTS fans in India known as desimys do whatever they can to promote the boys. The kings of K-Pop are going on their mandatory military duty. While Seokjin and Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope have already left, the rest are expected to leave later in 2023. The septet has plans to get together as a group by middle or end of 2025. It will be possible only if everyone completes military service on time. Jungkook will be releasing his solo Seven on July 14, 2023. There is immense excitement about the same. Korean actress Han So Hee is rumored to be in it. We have seen her in dramas like Nevertheless, The World Of The Married, My Name and others. Jungkook will be doing a lot of his promotions in the US. The Golden Maknae has driven fans crazy with the concept pics. We can see his abs in their full glory. Also, he will be the second to feature in a MV with a female artiste after Namjoon’s Smoke Sprite with Soyeon. Jungkook fans in Kolkata have made print outs of Seven concept photos and pasted them in Park Street, Kolkata. They have put on top of pics of politicians like TMC chief Mamata Banerjee. This pic has been shared by a fan on social media…

SEVEN posters in Park Street, kolkata… Helloooo ??

Ankita ??? ? ? SEVEN COMING ? (@koyankita) July 8, 2023

We have seen birthday celebrations of Jungkook and BTS V happening in Kolkata. In fact, LED ads were placed too. This is how fans reacted on it…

Fyi Park Street is one of the busiest street in Kolkata ?

Ankita ??? ? ? SEVEN COMING ? (@koyankita) July 8, 2023

This is done by Kolkata ARMYs not BIGHIT. Don’t get confused guys ??

Ankita ??? ? ? SEVEN COMING ? (@koyankita) July 8, 2023

I also thought I’d give posters at metro stations but I’m hell introvert I can’t ??

Vartika ?? apobangpo ? (@whatskookiing) July 8, 2023

Omg omg ? jisne bhi lagaya dilse dhanyabad army ? ?

subha?thv ia??7byjk ? (@Vth_subha) July 8, 2023

We can see that posters of Trinamool Congress party members are also there. The song of Jungkook will be out on July 14, 2023.    

 BTS: Jungkook Indian fans do their bit to promote SEVEN in Kolkata, put posters in Park Street one of the busiest areas of the city [View Pic] 

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