BTS Jimin’s Recent Comments About His Past Weight Gain Mixed Reactions From Netizens


BTS‘s Jimin has gained mixed reactions after a recent comment about his weight.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

On October 23, Jimin had a special live broadcast where he watched his new documentary Jimin’s Production Diary with ARMYs. While there were plenty of funny moments, one part has gained mixed reactions from netizens.

During the broadcast, a clip of Jimin came up, and the idol paused it, adding about how much “weight” he had at that point.

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Jimin then started laughing at the clip, before revealing that he weighed 65kg at that point.

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It was the comments following the weight reveal that gained mixed attention as he added, “That’s so bad,” before even asking J-Hope to leave the stream…

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Adding that his member would probably laugh at the scene.

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When the video was posted online, it received mixed reactions from netizens. While some wished Jimin didn’t feel so negative about how he looked…

Many shared their disappointment at the comment and how it makes it seem like that weight is “negative,” which can impact fans watching, especially younger ARMYs who might feel the need to lose weight.

Yet, others pointed out that Jimin probably didn’t mean it maliciously. They pointed out that as someone who has been subjected to the strict beauty standards of K-Pop and received criticism for his weight, it isn’t surprising that he has these thoughts, and it wasn’t directed at anyone but his own “standards.”

The topic of weight and body standards in K-Pop has always been a huge debate among fans, but many shared that it is the norm in many Asian countries. Comments don’t hold the same negative connotations as many Western countries, but it’s not surprising that fans want idols to be aware that it could harm fans.

 Many believe he was being insensitive. 

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