BTS Fans Thirst Over New Picture Of J-Hope Working As An Assistant Instructor In The Military


It has been over half a year now since BTS‘s J-Hope started his military service back in April, and fans have missed him dearly all the while!

There’s a little less than a year left until his planned discharge date in October 2024, which may seem like ages to those who are eagerly awaiting his return. Thankfully, we keep getting photos released showing the BTS member during his military enlistment that makes the wait a little easier.

J-Hope (BTS) | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Fans were incredibly proud of J-Hope when he was assigned to be an assistant instructor only a month and a half after he began his enlistment. Of course, those who know how hard-working and great at leadership he is weren’t too surprised by the promotion, but it’s still an impressive accomplishment!

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Recently, a new photo of J-Hope working as an assistant instructor has been shared online, and fans are feeling… A certain type of way about the image.

The photo shows the BTS member seemingly helping a fellow soldier with his gun. While J-Hope’s face isn’t visible, the name tag on his shirt confirms that it is a picture of the K-Pop idol. And it’s his hands that are receiving all of the attention anyway!

| Instiz

ARMYs are thirsting over his hands in the comments section on an online forum post that the image was shared on, and honestly, it’s easy to see why.

We’re happy to see that J-Hope is looking healthy and accomplished during his military enlistment!

 “This horny-a** comment section 😭 (I get them).” 

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