BTS: Desi ARMY make a special ad for Kim Namjoon aka RM’s birthday; other ARMYs all set to make Joon day special


BTS‘ front runner, RM, that is, Kim Namjoon will be clocking another year in a couple of hours. RM, fondly known amongst the BTS Army as Joonie will turn 29. And like they do with each of the members, the BTS ARMY has planned a lot of things to make this day memorable for RM. The handsome hunk is known for sending healing messages to the ARMY. He is the spoiler king and also adorably known as the God of destruction. But most importantly his lyrics, music and emotions move ARMYs like nothing else. And not to forget, his buffier physique. Anyway, let’s check out the special surprise planned by BTS ARMY for RM below.

BTS: Desi ARMY make a special ad for Namjoon day

A special project talking about all the qualities that make the BTS leader, RM, special has been designed by the Desi Bangtan ARMY. The mini project is an ad which will be displayed at the City Centre Mall, Mangalore. The BTS ARMY visiting the mall can watch it on the 4th floor around to food court and Cinepolis. Namjoon’s birthday ad is for about 46 seconds. It will be displayed on 10 screens for the next 48 hours, that is, till 13th September.

Watch the video of RM’s birthday ad by BTS ARMY here:

A mini Namjoon birthday ad project on behalf of RM INDIA OFFICIAL.

If you happen to be in and around Mangalore city do visit City Centre Mall, 4th floor (food court & Cinepolis) A total of 10 screens, displaying birthday wishes for Namjoon for 48 hours until 13 September.#RM RM INDIA – JOON DAY ????? (@RMIndiaOfficial) September 11, 2023

RM’s birthday projects

A giveaway has also been planned by the ARMY. It is on the global level. Called, Project Persona, the ARMYs have to share the screenshot of the start time and end time of the MV of Persona. The winner will get an Indigo post card edition. The selection has been planned via roulette. Another birthday project includes an ad at Times Square. More projects have been planned by the ARMYs across the globe. Special display projects have been showcased near the HYBE building in South Korea. To make it more memorable, ARMYs are also sharing what they love about Namjoon the most on X (formerly known as Twitter).

BTS RM in the news

Meanwhile, the talks about RM enlisting in the military are abuzz amongst the ARMY. It is because of his buzz cut. RM has chopped off his hair which resembles a military cut. However, there has been no official announcement about RM cancelling the postponement of his military service.

 BTS leader Kim Namjoon aka RM is celebrating his birthday on 12th September. The BTS ARMY has been planning to celebrate his birthday all across the globe. Here’s what the Desi ARMY has planned… 

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