BTS ARMY furious after a fan grabs Kim Taehyung aka V’s hair at an event [Watch]


Kim Taehyung aka BTS V is in Japan right now. The BTS member is in the country for the launch of Celine’s pop-up store. The Kpop idol and a K-drama actor is one of the most popular celebrities who enjoys global fame. Just a couple of hours ago, BTS V left for Tokyo, Japan from the Gimpo International Airport. BTS V has an overseas schedule and he was spotted at a store a couple of hours ago. Taehyung was mobbed by the ARMY. And an untoward incident took place while he was there.

BTS V gets mobbed in Japan

Kim Taehyung has a huge fan following across the globe and when ARMYs learnt about the Kpop idol attending an event in Tokyo, naturally, they thronged in numbers to see him. An overzealous ARMY tried to touch Taehyung as he was about to get into his car while leaving the event. The Run BTS singer was seen in a denim jacket, a shirt and a tie and black leather pants with heels. The video of a fan grabbing his hair is quite scary indeed. The video is going viral in entertainment news right now.

Watch the video of an ARMY grabbing Taehyung’s hair here:

please don’t do this ever again. Trying to grab taehyung’s hair is never okay. You can tell he is so happy seeing his fans but keep it respectful ?

( ) (@diionyssustkk) August 23, 2023

BTS ARMY reacts to the video of BTS V’s hair being grabbed by a fan

ARMY is very protective of the BTS members. And they have been actively asking HYBE to take action against the naysayers and those who conduct illicit activities in the name of the members. And after this incident, the ARMY has again reprimanded the behaviour of the other fans who don’t respect the boundaries of the BTS members. They have called out the person who manhandled their dear Taetae. Check out their tweets here:

? unbelievable. Fans need to know their limits so I can’t call that person a fan. That is disrespectful and dangerous.

? (@frl_m) August 23, 2023

I’m disgusted, what’s wrong with people? It’s unbelievable, you should never act like that no matter how hyped you are .

Brina???????? ;???? (@brina_frost) August 23, 2023

Please dont do that with him ???? calm down :((((((((( oh my god Taehyungie

kate phan ?????? ??1 (@rosiephan2) August 23, 2023

That’s so rude and disrespectful

palak (@Palak_952) August 23, 2023

What the hell is that? That’s so rude

nani (@simpfortk9) August 23, 2023

This is disrespectful. Some fans need to know showing hands and fancam is fine. Grabbing hairs is too much. What if it hurts him. It would have we can see from the video

Barbie LAYO( )ER by V IS COMING | 7 by JK | (@Happy_Dream23_) August 23, 2023

are those 10 years old?

(@IreneTiji) August 23, 2023


jojo (@bolatahubulat) August 23, 2023

Shouldn’t be reaching out to touch him at all period !

( ) (@kim_kim_Tae__) August 23, 2023

BTS member Kim Taehyung apologizes to ARMY

Earlier this week, Taehyung sat down for an interview with W Korea. He revealed feeling apologetic about delaying the release of his upcoming album, his solo debut, Layover. ARMY again came to Taehyung’s defence asking him to not be sorry about working at his own pace. This is indeed sweet considering the fact that they have been waiting for it since the announcement of BTS’ break from group activities and military enlistment procedure. Meanwhile, Layover is releasing in September. BTS ARMY is quite excited about the album.

 BTS member Kim Taehyung is a global icon. He has a huge fan following who would do anything to touch him or interact with him. However, ARMY is very protective about BTS and demands boundaries. 

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