BPM Entertainment Releases Initial Statement About SHINee’s Taemin Joining The Company


It was previously reported that SHINee’s Taemin would be leaving SM Entertainment to join BPM Entertainment.

SHINee’s Taemin Reportedly To Leave SM Entertainment For BPM Entertainment

On March 5, 2024, BPM Entertainment stated to Korean news outlet OSEN that they were still checking about the matter.

Regarding recruiting Taemin into the company, we are currently in the midst of checking the facts internally.

— BPM Entertainment

The sudden news of Taemin’s departure from SM Entertainment shocked many fans. It was reported that he would be expanding his solo activities at BPM Entertainment, but work with his previous company for group promotions. At the time of writing, SM Entertainment has yet to give a statement.


 They gave a statement to the media. 

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