“Bottom Or Top?” BTS’s Jungkook Unexpectedly Answers


Recently, BTS‘s Jungkook hosted a GOLDEN listening party via STATIONHEAD app.

Join the Jung Kook ‘GOLDEN’ Listening Party on @STATIONHEAD! And don’t miss the surprise!

Nov 5, 9:30pm ET | Nov 6, 11:30am KST
Nov 6, 2:30pm ET | Nov 7, 4:30am KST
Nov 7, 8:00pm ET | Nov 8, 10:00am KST

*Stationhead log-in & Connect… pic.twitter.com/TxZLmx5fEO

— BTS_official (@bts_bighit) November 4, 2023

As always, the listening party took a fun turn with Jungkook as he interacted with ARMYs.


help he’s so funny #jungkook #jk

♬ Rodeo (Remix) – Lah Pat & Flo Milli

Jungkook also answered some unexpected questions. This included, “Kiss me…”

Your browser does not support video.| STATIONHEAD

But the most surprising was probably when an ARMY asked, “Bottom or top.” Jungkook answered, “Top.” ARMYs never imagined Jungkook would answer such a suggestive question!

Your browser does not support video.|  STATIONHEAD

While some ARMYs are suspicious he might not have understood the question’s true meaning, Jungkook is the same man who released “Seven!”

“I’ll Be F*ckin’ You”: BTS’s Jungkook Shocks ARMYs With Sexually Explicit Solo Debut “Seven”

Watch the full clip below.


who dare to ask to kiss him, I NEED THAT KITH #jungkookie #SEVEN #jungkook #parkjimin #bts_official_bighit #jackharlow #3D #jimmyfallon #3d

♬ original sound –

 He revealed his answer during “GOLDEN” listening party! 

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