Boston University Student Crowned “67th Miss Korea” Amid Scrutiny


The winner of the 2023 Miss Korea pageant has been announced.

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On October 10, the 67th Miss Korea contest took place at the Coex Auditorium in the Samsung-dong neighborhood of Gangnam, Seoul.

Coex Auditorium | Coex

On this day, Choi Chae Won (21) was crowned the winner. News reports reveal Choi Chae Won is a graphic design student at Boston University who dreams of becoming an art director and artist.

Choi Chae Won | @esvnels/Instagram

According to reports, Choi Chae Won thanked the panel for naming her as the winner and stated her desire to exemplify Korean women’s leadership qualities.

I am so surprised. I am thankful that they viewed my positive energy and my hard work as positives. I want to become a leader who can show Korean women’s leadership both at home and abroad.

— Choi Chae Won

Notable runner-ups include Kim Ji Sung (26), who placed second. The contestant also appeared on Mnet Produce 101’s first season in 2016, where she laced 68th. Fashion merchandise student Jung Gyu Ri (25), placed third.

Kim Ji Sung | wikitree Jung Gyu Ri | wikitree

Jung Da Yeon, who represented Miss Daegu in the competition, was asked about criticism aimed towards the contest, claiming that it objectified women.

Jung Da Yeon | Wikitree

In her answer, Jung Da Yeon stated that the criticism signaled that Korea’s democratic society was maturing and should be acknowledged.

The fact that there are criticisms aimed at various groups shows that our country’s society is becoming more mature and more democratic. Therefore, I welcome them. However, I think genuine criticism shouldn’t be dismissive and, instead, should offer a solution. I think if we were to meet in the middle, we would be able to address the criticism.

— Jung Da Yeon

Meanwhile, the Miss Korea and Miss Korea Universe pageants have faced increased scrutiny in Korea over its alleged objectification of women. Since 2016, Miss Korea no longer sends their winners to represent the country in the Miss Universe competition.


 A Produce 101 contestant also placed in the competition. 

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