BLACKSWAN’s Gabi Deactivates Account Following Hate Comments, Fans Show Support


BLACKSWAN‘s Gabi recently deactivated her Twitter account.

Gabi | @blackswan_drent/X

BLACKSWAN’s current line-up has often gained attention for not having Korean members following a long group history, but they have worked hard to show the world their talent.

The line-up includes Gabi, a Brazilian-German who joined the group in May 2022. The beautiful idol has attracted attention for both her talents and visuals as the group have grown in popularity.

| DR Music

According to fans, Gabi has recently been the victim of some hate tweets directed towards her, resulting in the idol leaving Twitter.

According to fans, the issue began with Gabi’s father liking an English tweet about BLACKSWAN. The tweet was a shade tweet towards the girl group X:IN and their latest release, which featured the “respect” line mentioned.

| @Marcio_Dalcin/X

Gabi’s father has since apologized for liking the tweet due to a language barrier, but this reportedly led to many attacking Gabi over many things, including her nationality. Fans defended the idol against these hate comments, which have since been removed.

Mind you Gabi talks about Brazil every chance she gets, even adds subtitles to her tiktok for her Brazilian fans. She recognizes she’s in a global group and speaks the language all the members understand and even on lives she speaks Portuguese, so you don’t know anything lol.

— olahobi//BS ⪩ ⪨ (@olahobi03) February 19, 2024

Gabi speaks Portuguese all the time, especially on live talks about Brazilian food, music and culture so what are you on about , when another brazillian girl had the chance to debut she also immediately supported her too, y’all just stay yapping

— Hiii (@Zwinkit) February 18, 2024

Unfortunately, the idol likely saw these tweets as she deactivated her account on X and shared a post on her Instagram story urging people to be kind.

| @gabidalcin/Instagram

Fans have continued to show support, leaving kind messages for the idol and the rest of BLACKSWAN to see throughout everything.

@gabsdalcin just know that lumina love and adore you. You are a breath of fresh air and we wish you many success

— Xdkook ⪩ ⪨ stream cat and mouse by Blackswan (@xdkookbrook) February 19, 2024

Gabi you bring so much light and happiness to the group!! We love you so so so so much! You’ll always be our favorite star, love you Gabi! @gabsdalcin

— nat nat ᥫ᭡⁷⪩ ⪨ | (@faerichai) February 19, 2024

 Fans have since show support for the idol. 

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