BLACKPINK’s Rosé Becomes A Hot Topic For Her Unique Privileges As An MBE Holder


BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has become a hot topic after the perks she now has as an MBE holder were revealed.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Recently, the members of BLACKPINK attended special events at Buckingham Palace. The first event they attended was a special banquet hosted by King Charles III.

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Along with the banquet, BLACKPINK made history by receiving an honorary MBE.

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All the members looked beautiful as they posed with their medals, which was deemed a huge achievement.

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Yet, while the members’ MBE was deemed honorary (due to their nationalities), it is believed that Rosé has special perks the rest of her group doesn’t. Being born in New Zealand, Rosé is a member of the Commonwealth, which means that rather than an honorary MBE, the idol is eligible for full honors.

Along with the chance to be knighted, Rosé has the opportunity to  get married inside St. Paul’s Cathedral, along with any future children and grandchildren she has.

St Paul’s Cathedral

In particular, the cathedral is famous for hosting some of the biggest and most prestigious weddings in history, including King Charles III’s marriage to Princess Diana.

The wedding of King Charles III and Princess Diana | Nate Pann

Along with any future marriage plans sorted, the idol can also have the right to apply for a coat of arms for her family, which is a beautiful crest.

When the information was posted, it became a trending topic on Korean forums. Even international fans

Roseanne Park MBE (ROSÉ), who received a substantial MBE, later qualified for the title of British Knighthood, and she or her children could marry at St. Paul’s Cathedral is where events such as royal weddings and coat of arms are held.


— ROSÉ HQ (@RHQOFC) November 24, 2023


Roseanne Park MBE is classed as ‘substantive’ as she is a national of a British realm. This makes her eligible to the following:

– have the privilege to get married (and her children) in St. Paul’s Cathedral (One of the royal wedding places)

– eligible to apply for the…

— Rosé Europe (Slow) (@RoseparkEurope) November 23, 2023

Now that Rosie has received the full Medal of Honor, this makes her eligible to get married at St. Paul’s Cathedral (one of the Royal Wedding Venues) and is eligible to apply for a family coat of arms.🤍#ROSÉ #로제

— rᥱ𝗍ᥲᥣ (@920_rno) November 23, 2023

rosé’s mbe is classed as ‘substantive’ as shes a national of a british realm. this makes her eligible to the ff: have the post nominal MBE, be later knighted and be addressed as “Dame Roseanne Park”, and have the privilege to get married (and her children) in St. Paul’s Cathedral

— chiara (@skintypink) November 23, 2023

While they might not be immediate thoughts for the idol, she joins a prestigious list of people with the same perks.

You can read more about the achievement below.

BLACKPINK Make Music History With Their Latest Royal Achievement

 It all stems from her New Zealand citizenship! 

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