BLACKPINK’s Lisa Seemingly Reveals A Sneak Peek Of Another Luxury Car She Owns


BLACKPINK‘s Lisa shocked fans with a sneak peek at what looked like another luxury car that she owned.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

During Lisa’s first LLOUD video, the idol gave a tour of her house, which became a hot topic online for her luxury car.

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On April 3, Lisa once again shocked fans as she posted a picture on her Instagram story of her LLOUD merchandise on a beautiful-looking car.

According to fans, they believe that the car is actually a Ferrari 812 GTS, “MANSORY STALLONE,” and is so luxurious that the price is only determined on request.


“The performance reaches out masive 830 HP and 740Nm with a top speed of 345 km/h and accelerates from a standstill to 100km/h in 2,8 seconds.” #LLOUD #블랙핑크리사 블랙핑크 리사#리사

— LALICE UPDATES (@LaliceUpdates) April 3, 2024

While some fans pointed out that Lisa’s car collection shouldn’t be shocking as the idol has always had an interest in cars…

Loren also said that he was close with #Lisa among the Blackpink members because they talked to her a lot about cars.

— Zummernights (@lamour_ls) April 3, 2024

Others still couldn’t believe Lisa’s luxury collection and how she was flexing her sold-out merch for LLOUD on a very expensive car.

okay Lisa but the car oh wow??

— ʚɞ (@LILISlNG) April 3, 2024

not lisa just hang her lloud merch on her luxury car mansory ferrari 812 gts

— ‘ (@sunnysunlisa) April 3, 2024

Lisa please run me over with any of your cars

— Z ⁰¹¹² | ⁰³²⁷ 𓊍 (@Malik_Manoban) April 3, 2024

lisa flexing her badass cars while promoting her sold out lloud merch is everything! and does she even know her shop been sold out already

— 𖤐 (@GhoulPinks) April 3, 2024

#LISA‘s collection of luxury cars are a mercedes g-wagon, a lamborghini aventador, and a ferrari mansory like WOW MY RICH GIRL

— ‘ (@sunnysunlisa) April 3, 2024

Lisa drives both a Mercedes-AMG G63 and a Mansory Ferrari 812 GTS, she’s so hot

— 젠바 (@blackpinkbabo) April 3, 2024

Lisa has worked hard for years, and netizens love seeing her being able to spend money on things she loves. You can read more about her cars below.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shocks Netizens After Revealing Her Luxurious Customized Car

 Netizens were shocked at Lisa’s “flex.” 

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