BLACKPINK’s Lisa Makes A Huge Announcement About Her Future — A New Start As A CEO


BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has finally announced her next step after leaving YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Although Lisa has been quiet on her path following the members’ choice to leave the company for individual schedules, Lisa has been booked with shows, covers, and collaborations with big brands.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On February 7, Lisa teased a new announcement on her social media. With the colors and vibes, fans debated between a new single, an album, and even a makeup line.

On February 8 (at around 8AM (Paris time), Lisa finally made her announcement. On Instagram, she shared a stunning photo of herself with the caption LLOUD and links to social media.

After posting the teasers on the new Instagram @wearelloud, she shared a description of the project, announcing that it was a company to showcase her vision in “Music and entertainment.”

In particular, along with Instagram, a new website was linked, showing more of what Lisa had planned for this new company. The description revealed that LLOUD was an artist management company.

And it wasn’t surprising that Lisa was the only artist on the list at the moment. Listing her achievements (and recent schedules) along with her own social media showed that it was a brand new start.

When the announcement and sites were posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of the announcement.

WE ARE SOOO PROUD OF YOU @wearelloud 🤍


— LALICE UPDATES (@LaliceUpdates) February 8, 2024

YG: At this moment we are in discussions with Lisa to renew with us

Meanwhile Lisa checking on her new label website in the meetings

— ra ra girl³²⁷ (@lalisamgger) February 8, 2024


— 젠바 (@blackpinkbabo) February 8, 2024

15 minutes after LISA’s announcement of her own artist management company, #LLOUD is now trending #1 worldwide!


— LISANATIONS (@LISANATIONS_) February 8, 2024

If the posts online weren’t enough, netizens noticed that billboards had already been posted in public spaces in Lisa’s hometown in Thailand.

lisa’s billboard ad for her own label already spotted right in her hometown and tell me this isn’t the most iconic thing ever

— ♱ (@lalicebratz) February 8, 2024

With both Lisa and Jennie having created their own company/label, it will be exciting to see the future the idols have planned, including whether they sign other artists. Unsurprisingly, fans are excited to finally have some more answers, and Lisa will definitely radiate “Girl Boss” vibes as CEO.

You can read more about the teasers below.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s New Announcement Teaser Gains Attention For An Unexpected Detail

 Here’s everything we know so far! 

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