BLACKPINK’s Jennie Causes Concern After Accidentally Getting Hurt By A Fan


On March 2, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie arrived at Incheon International Airport (ICN) to head to France for Paris Fashion Week. Unfortunately, the idol received a minor injury after her safety became an issue due to the number of fans crowding her.


As soon as Jennie arrived at the airport, so many fans gathered that she didn’t have enough space to safely take photos for the photographers waiting for her. She opted for a quick greeting before going inside.

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However, just as many fans spilled out of the airport to photograph Jennie, causing worry for her safety. The situation suddenly became more dangerous inside.

look how people suddenly started coming from behind jennie when the security was focused on the crowd in front —thats dangerous, so cancelling their plans which was also made for the fans was inevitable for safety

— gi ᴼᴬ (@jennieaceitgirl) March 2, 2024

Because Jennie was overcrowded by fans while walking through the airport, she got a paper cut when she and her staff reached for a fan’s letter. The singer pulled back her hand in pain.

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Even though Jennie was still in pain, she kept her smile as she politely greeted everyone and proceeded to her destination.

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Despite the safety issues and the minor injury, Jennie remained calm and cheerful in the situation. But some BLINKs urged the idol to take a private entrance next time to avoid any more dangerous accidents.

 So many fans turned the airport into a dangerous situation. 

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