BLACKPINK Lisa’s Sexy AF Outfit For Taylor Swift’s Concert Creates A Buzz Online


BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has recently been winning with her outfits. Whether it’s for shows or schedules, netizens have loved that the idol’s style has been maturing and going against the “standard” of K-Pop.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Recently, Lisa was spotted at the Taylor Swift concert, and before the show even started, netizens were obsessed with glimpses of her outfit. Dressed all in black, Lisa exuded beauty and sexiness with a look that was seemingly perfect for a concert.

| Nate Pann | Nate Pann

As the show went on, netizens posted more videos showcasing the stunning nature of the outfit, and it seemed like the perfect combination of cool, comfy, and sexy.

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Lisa also posted photos of her fit on Instagram, and netizens joked that the idol saw that they were obsessed with the outfit and needed to post HQ images of them rather than fans just seeing the low-quality ones taken at the concert.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

When photos of the outfit were posted, whether they were from the actual concert shots that Lisa shared or fan photos of the idol during the concert, netizens couldn’t get over the stunning fit.


— TEAM LISA PH (@TeamLisaPH) March 3, 2024

This is such a good fit

— A (@LisaNita_) March 4, 2024

Her fit? Her makeup? She’s absolutely pulchritudinous#erastoursingapore #SingaporeTheErasTour #LISA

— pinkcrumbsé♡ (@pinkcrumbse) March 3, 2024

her fit <3

— hourly lisa (@lalisahourIy) March 3, 2024

the front and back

— hourly lisa (@lalisahourIy) March 3, 2024



On Instagram, netizens were quick to share the entire look with fans.

In particular, netizens were sent into meltdown after seeing the OG nature of Lisa’s top, with many understanding why she wore a hoodie for a lot of the show.

It seems like Lisa is one of us as she perfectly matches her fit for the concert. In particular, the day before, Lisa attended the SHINee concert, and as she took photos with the members, she not only matched the show’s dress code but looked perfect with the members, who were wearing similar colors.

As always, Lisa makes an impact wherever she goes and her style is truly legendary.

 Everyone was literally obsessed. 

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