BLACKPINK Jennie’s Status At A Recent Appearance Sparks More Speculations About Her Future With YG Entertainment


BLACKPINK Jennie‘s situation with managers at a recent event sparks speculations about her future with YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On November 16, Jennie attended the pre-opening of TAMBURINS’ pop-up store in Korea.

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Yet, aside from Jennie’s beauty and proportions, one other thing caught netizens’ attention, and it all stems from the uncertainty surrounding BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment. While YG Entertainment has been brief with their statements, netizens have turned to other clues.

In particular, many have tried to pay attention to the people around BLACKPINK. Earlier in the month, netizens grew concerned when Lisa’s long-time manager Alice left the company.

Based on her LinkedIn profile, BLACKPINK Lisa’s manager Alice Kang no longer works for YG Entertainment since October 2023.

— Viral Takes (@viraltakes) November 13, 2023

Ahead of the TAMBURINS event, netizens were interested to see who would accompany Jennie.

officially all Jennie’s managers has left and their contract with YG has expired so if Jennie attended the tamburins pop up store with allison or anyone of them you know what does that means…

— Cia | SOLO Focused! (@JNKTIACE) November 15, 2023

In the photos posted by fans, netizens noticed familiar faces with Jennie at the event, and it was her former managers who recently left YG Entertainment.

| @noblesse_jn/Twitter

After the images of Jennie with the former YG managers Hosup and Jaemin were posted, it wasn’t surprising that netizens started analyzing it. While some wondered if it was just out of loyalty and friendship to Jennie, others thought it could hint about Jennie’s next move, whether to another company or even setting one up.

Hosup and Jaemin, Jennie’s Managers who left YG still working with Jennie hmm


— KING KUMA (@HourlyKuma) November 16, 2023

two managers of jennie, hosup and jaemin already left yg but they’re still working with jennie… i feel like something is really going on with this renewal thing

— ‘ (@jnkoopsies) November 16, 2023

i would understand if allison showed up because she still working with yg USA as coordinator ( her old job before tour ) she just left yg korea, BUT hosup and jaemin?? it’s either Jennie did the one man agency inside a big company or she simply left

— Cia | SOLO Focused! (@JNKTIACE) November 16, 2023

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of activity with the BLACKPINK members and YG Entertainment, so it’s not surprising that the rumor mill continues to get bigger.

summary of the day
– Jennie applied for trademarks under “JENNIE RUBY JANE” in 10 diff categories on KIPRIS.
-“Final results will be announced later…” (contract)
– LISA is the next inductee into the BillionsClub ep 4 drops soon.
– jennie’s manager (alison) no longer work on yg.

— kenji 𓅓 (@_yk2aii) November 14, 2023

Hopefully, it isn’t too much longer before the members’ contract status is revealed.


 It’s all because of the staff around her. 

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