BL Actors Surprise Fans After Announcing Their IRL Engagement


As of late, one of the most popular drama genre types is BL (boy love) dramas. While there are many popular ones in Korea, the BL industry in Thailand is massive, with popular couples being able to hold their own fan meetings.

Popular duo TayNew

Usually, two actors will appear in one series together and based on their chemistry, will be paired together through their careers. Many of these actors end up being very good friends, with a few even rumored to be dating each other IRL.

One couple known to be dating IRL is”BothNattapong Chinsoponsap and “Newyear” Kitiwhut Sawutdimilin. The pair began dating in 2012, even appearing as an on-screen couple in the drama series Top Secret Together.

Neayear (left) and Both (right) | @newyear_kitiwhut/Instagram


The two are active online and share details of their life together for fans to see. One of their most recent updates has fans thrilled for the pair!

Both and Newyear have been spending time in Europe and sharing adorable couple photos during the experience.

One of Newyear’s photo sets posted didn’t initially stand out to fans until the final slide. While they are no strangers to PDA, embracing and pressing their faces together…

| @newyear_kitiwhut/Instagram | @newyear_kitiwhut/Instagram | @newyear_kitiwhut/Instagram

…the photo of their hands with rings, combined with the caption “Say yes from the first day” announced their engagement to the world!

| @newyear_kitiwhut/Instagram

Both also shared his own photo announcing the engagement, with a sweet and funny caption saying “no refunds.”

Fans filled their comments with positive messages, congratulating the happy couple!

Congrats to Both and Newyear!

 Congrats to the couple! 

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