Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Gives Vicky Jain’s Mother An Earful For Comments About Ankita Lokhande

In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss Season 17, the family drama escalated with the entry of housemates’ relatives. Host Salman Khan slammed Vicky Jain’s mother Ranjana Jain who has been speaking against her daughter-in-law Ankita Lokhande in the press. After Vicky’s sister-in-law, Reshu Jain explained that their mother couldn’t come as she was fasting and unwell, Salman wittily responded, “Not well? Press se bolne ke time fast pe thi vo? Bahut fast-fast bol rahi thi. [Not well? Was she on fast while talking to the press? At that time, she was talking pretty fast.].”

Salman Khan also addressed Ranjana Jain’s comment on Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande’s marriage. Quoting her words, the actor said,  “Hamesha se Vicky aur Ankita ki shaadi ke khilaaf thi, phir bhi humne ye shaadi hone di. Vicky uska (Ankita) pura khracha uthata hai. Actor se shaadi ki hai, to paisa lagta hi hai. Bahut kharcha kiya hai, bahut nakhre uthaane padte hai. [We were always against Vicky and Ankita’s wedding, but still we let it happen. Vicky bears full expense of her. If someone marries an actor, it comes with many expenses. One has to spend a lot of money and manage a lot of tantrums.] Salman humorously added, “Nakhre to mujhe is waqt Ankita se zada saas maa ke lag rahe hai. [At the moment, I feel there are more tantrums from the mother-in-law than Ankita.]”

Then, Salman Khan pointed out how Ankita Lokhande is constantly apologising even when she hasn’t done anything wrong. He also advised Reshu, “Jo dur ke rishtedaar hai, pehle to apni saasu ma ko bolo unke phone na uthaye. Kyuki maze le rahe hai. [Tell your mother-in-law to not answer the calls of distant relatives. They are just having fun.] They are jealous, they are poking your mother-in-law, and your mother-in-law is getting poked.”

Discussing how Vicky Jain might be from a great family, but Ankita Lokhande also has a strong background, Salman Khan asked, “To yeh kya chhote khaandaan ki hai? Aapke parivaar ko koi nahi jaanta tha, Bilaspur mein nahi jaante honge aapke parivaar ko. Isko Hindustan mein bachcha bachcha janta hai. [Is she from a weak background? Nobody knew your family; they might not be familiar with Bilaspur. Every child in India knows her.]”

Salman Khan also revealed that Ankita Lokhande had been offered the show multiple times, but she agreed to participate only with Vicky Jain. “We have been asking her for the longest time. She did not want to come. Yeh yaha pe isliye aayi hai taaki yeh husband aur wife yaha pe aaye [She came to the show so that she can participate with her husband],” Salman Khan concluded.

The makers also shared a promo from the same episode. Check it out here:

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 Salman Khan revealed that Ankita Lokhande had been offered the show multiple times, but she agreed to participate only with Vicky Jain.     

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