Bigg Boss 17: Munawar Faruqui loses temper; tells Khanzaadi ‘Aankhe dikhake mere se baat nahi karna’ [Watch]


Munawar Faruqui is one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 17. He has been getting along well with the contestants so far by making them understand. Munawar has not yet lost his cool on anyone but has had a spat with a few members such as Anurag Dobhal aka UK 07 Rider. And now, Munawar will lose his temper with another contestant, Khanzaadi. Munawar will really get angry for the first time.

Munawar Faruqui loses his cool on Khanzaadi

In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 17, we see Mannara Chopra trying to talk to Khanzaadi who seems to be in a foul mood. Almost everyone is outside on the lawn area. The issue seems to be stemming from Kitchen which left Khanzaadi upset or angry. Munawar has been helping in the kitchen since day one. Mannara tries explaining to her but Khanzaadi replies in taunts. Munawar intervenes and tries talking to Khanzaadi. She starts dancing in front of him while talking. Her attitude looks off and it seems she is trying to instigate or provoke him to fight. Munawar Faruqui tells her that he is talking to her nicely so she should also do the same. Khanzaadi, however, retorts saying that she feels like dancing. Munawar still tries to calmly talk to her, but Khanzaadi seems to be in a mood to fight. And hence, after a point, Munawar loses his temper. “Ye aankhe dikhake, ye ye (dance) karke mere se baat nahi karna,” Munawar warns her. Khanzaadi defends herself saying she is not staring she is just sweetly dancing. Khanzaadi asks him, “Main khush nahi reh sakti?” Abhishek also loses his calm and says that she does not have the sense to talk to people. Munawar says he very well knows what context she is taking the whole thing.

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Munawar and Mannara share a very real bond inside the house of Bigg Boss. They began on the wrong foot but seem to have become friends now. They always help out each other and it seems Mannara was trying to sort things between Khanzaadi and Munawar. But it only escalated. Let’s see what happens inside the house of Bigg Boss next. Bigg Boss 17 new promo has been shared online in which we see Standup Comedian and reality Tv personality Munawar Faruqui losing his calm on Khanzaadi. 

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