Bigg Boss 17: Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra get into a heated argument; is their friendship over forever?


Bigg Boss 17 is getting all the love from the audience. The show could not get good TRPs but it is very popular on social media. After every episode, we see fans discussing about their favourites on social media. Ever since day one, fans have been loving the bond between Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra. They connected and had a cute relation since they met each other. The two of them also became Bigg Boss‘ favourite contestants and are often seen talking to Bigg Boss in the confession room. They have always supported each other and Munawar has been treating Mannara like a baby. He gives her the best advice and makes her understand all the situations. He is has been loyal about her and always takes a stand for her. Munawar tells Mannara when she is right or when she is wrong. Mannara also listens only to Munawar’s advice and only he can calm her down when she is upset. But, it seems the Bigg Boss house has made them fight. Munawar and Mannara are lovingly called #MunnAra by fans. In the latest promo released, we see Munawar and Mannara’s heated argument.

Munawar Vs Mannara

In the promo, we see Mannara getting upset as Munawar did not take a stand against Khanzaadi after she fought with her. Mannara said, “I got into a fight with Khanzaadi and guess what? The person who secretly tried to poke her was my own friend Munawar. I didn’t expect this from him at all. This makes me so upset.” Munawar looked surprised and said that he was just joking with Khanzaadi. He also told Mannara that he does not understand why she reacted this way and he was just joking with both of them. He told Mannara that if she does not understand his jokes, she should not talk to him.

TV stars Vs Youtubers!

Mannara then asked him not to tell her what to do as she is the one who is hurt. In the same promo, we also see Bigg Boss finally putting TV actors Vs Youtubers debate on the show. The TV stars reveal why they are capable to be in the house more than the Youtuber and vice versa. This is a big story in Entertainment News and TV news.

Take a look at the promo here:

Promo BiggBoss17 #MunawarFaruqui Vs #MannaraChopra and TV vs OTT me jung

The Khabri (@TheKhabriTweets) November 6, 2023


A look at the BTS videos of Bigg Boss 17 promo

Contestants of Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, Sunny Arya, Anurag Dhobal, Jigna Vora, Munawar Faruqui, Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi, Mannara Chopra, Navid Sole, Rinku Dhawan, Arun Srikanth, Samarth Jurel, Manasvi Mamgai, Sana Raees Khan, and Soniya Bansal are the participants of Bigg Boss 17. Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra were the besties of Bigg Boss 17. But it seems the two are really upset with each other and got into a heated argument. 

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