Bigg Boss 17: Khanzaadi accuses Abhishek Kumar of assaulting her; provokes Ankita Lokhande on doing ‘TV serial’


Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 17 was the most chaotic one so far. The fight was between two individuals and the rest of the housemates joined them and changed the whole tide of the fight. It all began with Khanzaadi aka Firoza Khan and Abhishek Kumar but it ended with Vicky Jain, Anurag Dobhal and Neil Bhatt. It seemed more of a forceful fight between the housemates, literally. Two things were most shocking in the unnecessary fight. Here’s what really happened…

Bigg Boss 17 latest update: Khanzaadi accuses Abhishek Kumar of physical assault

Abhishek Kumar was sleeping as he did not want to give attention to Isha Malviya who came to talk to him. When Isha left, Khanzaadi started talking to him. Abhishek apologized for his behaviour with her. But Khanzaadi told him he was wrong. Abhishek also claimed that her calling Isha ugly was wrong. Khanzaadi lost it as she didn’t want to talk on the same topic again. Abhishek tells her that he would react the same way even if it was someone else. However, Khanzaadi started behaving very rudely with Abhishek which made him lose his cool. Soon the whole house gathered in the Dum room where the fight happened. Khanzaadi asks Abhishek to shut up and the latter responds in the same kind. Khanzaadi tells Bigg Boss that Abhishek is mentally ill and asks him to send him to the doctor. Their argument doesn’t seem to end when out of the blue Khanzaadi accuses him of assaulting her. She claims she was sleeping and Abhishek came and assaulted her. It is very shocking indeed since nothing of the kind happened. Khanzaadi was even seen provoking Abhishek for a physical altercation.

Ankita Lokhande loses cool of Khanzaadi in Bigg Boss 17

Ankita Lokhande felt that Khanzaadi was lying since Abhishek was talking to her from across the room. She asked Khanzaadi to talk nicely and clarify things. However, Khanzaadi asks her to not interfere. Ankita got mad angry with the false accusations and wanted Khanzaadi to understand the impact of her words. But it only escalates further. Soniya Bansal takes Khanzaadi out of the house to avoid more fights. When Ankita follows, Khanzaadi yet again angers Ankita by telling her that she cannot do TV serials. Ankita loses her cool completely and lashes out at Khanzaadi while the latter defends herself saying she meant that she cannot do drama like TV actors. Ankita reprimanded her for standing on the platform of the biggest reality TV show and talking derogatorily about it. Ankita felt attacked since she is a popular TV star herself. Khanzaadi’s words came out as though she was attacking the TV stars on the show. Things just kept escalating thereafter.

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The house has now been divided into two parts, Ankita, Vicky and other TV and Bollywood stars and on the other hand, and there are Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, Anurag Dobhal, Sunny Tehelka and Arun Mahashetty. Bigg Boss 17 latest episode saw major fights between Khanzaadi and Abhishek Kumar, Khanzaadi and Ankita Lokhande too. Here’s a low down on the same… 

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