Bigg Boss 17: Is Ankita Lokhande pregnant? Actress makes shocking revelation


Bigg Boss 17 is in the news ever since it began. The TRPs of the show have been amazing and this season Ankita Lokhande has entered with her husband, Vicky Jain. They are the talk of the town currently and we are seeing a lot of fights between them. Ankita and Vicky were in the Dil house of Bigg Boss and have been playing well. Ankita plays with all her heart but Vicky is the mastermind of this season. Recently, we saw Bigg Boss reshuffled the contestants. He put in Vicky Jain in the dimaag house while Ankita is in the Dil section. Ankita was upset with it and was sad. Bigg Boss told her that Vicky is very happy and dancing in the dimaag house. BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News. Ankita got angry on Vicky for being so happy about being separated. She told him that he has to now forget that they are married. She even said that her life has spoilt after marrying him.

Ankita Lokhande’s mood swings

She told him that he has used her in this game and she is upset about it. She expressed that she wishes to leave the house. Amidst all this we saw Ankita Lokhande’s mood swings as well. She was happy sometimes and immediately got upset after that. She was also seen telling Rinku and Jigna that she feels like eating something ‘khatta’. Rinku and Jigna then tease her about pregnancy. Later, she told Vicky that she has to fight for his attention and he decided not to speak about it. He told her that she does not let him speak and insults him in front of everyone.

Ankita Lokhande is pregnant?

Ankita then tells him that she is not feeling well and she can feel that from inside that something is wrong. She tells him that she has not got her periods and wants to go home. Ankita also revealed that she had her blood tests to check if she is pregnant or not. She also says that the doctors have done the urine tests as well. This is a big story in Entertainment News and TV news.

A look at the BTS videos of Bigg Boss 17 promo

She further added that her emotions are going up and down and something is happening that she can’t explain. Well, looks like we can expect a good news in the show? Vicky then asks her why she never lets him explain himself. Ankita tells him to give her sometime everyday as she needs him. Bigg Boss 17 contestant Ankita Lokhande was seen expressing in front of husband, Vicky Jain that her emotions are going up and down and she has gone through pregnancy tests. 

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