Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande tells Abhishek Kumar to trigger Mannara Chopra by comparing her to Parineeti Chopra; fans call it ‘disgraceful’


Bigg Boss 17 game is getting interesting with each passing day. The house is divided into three teams as per the rooms allotted. Dil, Dimaag and Dum – Contestants have been divided by Bigg Boss for the game. Everyday, fights are taking place inside the house as all the contestants want to gain maximum footage to stay in the game. In today’s episode, a major fight took place between Khanzaadi and Mannara Chopra. Their friendship has gone for a toss. Further, we also saw Ankita Lokhande talking about Mannara Chopra‘s cousins in the house.

Entertainment News: Fans slam Ankita Lokhande for manipulating Abhishek Kumar

We saw Ankita Lokhande, Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya discussing about Mannara Chopra‘s family. Mannara has clearly stated that she does not want to talk about her cousins – Parineeti Chopra and Priyanka Chopra in the house. Ankita Lokhande asked Abhishek Kumar to tease Mannara comparing her to Parineeti Chopra and see how she gets triggered. Fans are not happy with it at all. Netizens are slamming Ankita Lokhande for being manipulative. In the end of the episode, when everyone was chilling in the garden area, Abhishek Kumar passed a comment saying that Mannara looks like Parineeti Chopra. A major fight took place later on and fans are slamming Ankita Lokhande for triggering it.

Check out the tweets below:

#AnkitaLokhande had promised #MannaraChopra at her request not to discuss her family. but despite that, this happened. How disgraceful! #BB17 #BiggBoss17

KING UMAR (@143all1) October 26, 2023

Ankita Lokhande intentionally brought up the topic of Parineeti to upset Mannara Chopra and manipulated Abhishek to provoke her, and Mannara to lose her temper. Ankita is so cunning and insecure #BIGGBOSS17#MannaraChopra

yourweirdcrush X (@Yourweirdcrush1) October 26, 2023

so bcoz of mai sab se acchi rehti hu and mai sab se pyaar se baat karti hu #AnkitaLokhande this entire drama happened Chomu toh is like pet of #VickyBhaiya and #AnkitaLokhande they just tell him shoo and he goes and pokes ppl and fights with them

TheKhabri18 (@dilberkhandhad1) October 26, 2023

#SalmanKhan should call out #AnkitaLokhande superiority complex behaviour, looking down on somebody, using #ParineetiChopra name as a cheap tactic to fight #MannaraChopra.#AbhishekKumar might get the bashing for this but it’s Ankita & #IshaMalviya who deserve it#BB17

Aman (@Amchamchamch) October 26, 2023

Apart from this, an argument between Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande also took place. Vicky got annoyed with Ankita as she pulled a face looking at Abhishek Kumar. He made some mean comments and Ankita had a major emotional breakdown. She said that she feels extremely lonely inside the house and that Vicky never sides with her. Vicky also commented that ‘Zindagi mein kuch de nahi payi, peace of mind dede’. Fans are divided on Vicky Jain’s reaction.

 In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, Mannara Chopra got triggered as Abhishek Kumar compared her to Parineeti Chopra. Fans are blaming Ankita Lokhande for it. 

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