Bigg Boss 17: ‘Ankita Lokhande baukhla gayi hai’ say netizens after fight with Neil Bhatt over nomination task [Check Reactions]


The Bigg Boss 17 episode is still on and we recently saw Neil Bhatt and Ankita Lokhande fighting with each other. This season we have celebrities, that is, actors and YouTubers such as Aishwarya Sharma, Mannara Chopra, Arun Mahashetty, Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar, Isha Malviya and more who have kept the audience hooked to the TV show. The TRPs are amazing for Bigg Boss 17.

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande, Neil Bhatt get into a nasty fight over nomination task

Tonight in Bigg Boss 17, we saw a nomination task taking place. Anurag Dobhal, who has been nominated for the whole season sitting on a motorcycle. Khanzaadi got nominated. Anurag nominated Rinku who in turn nominated Vicky. The latter nominated Neil Bhatt who in turn nominated Ankita Lokhande. This led to huge chaos in the house as Ankita and Neil got into a nasty fight over the same. Neil mimicked Ankita who said that his mouth is smelling. She called him fattu while Neil called her Khokhli (spineless). They continued to fight and later KhanZaadi also joined the fight. Ankita started calling Neil Aunty no. 1 and Khanzaadi also joined Ankita in the same. Khanzaadi got into the picture over the utensils washing duties.

Netizens react to Neil Bhatt and Ankita Lokhande’s fight in Bigg Boss 17

BollywoodLife is on WhatsApp and follow our channel for more entertainment news and TV news updates. Netizens have reacted to the fight between Neil and Ankita. A lot of people favoured Neil over Ankita Lokhande. They felt Ankita couldn’t take the nomination in her stride and hence started acting out and fighting with Neil. Many loved the way Neil shut Ankita and Khanzaadi. There were many who felt Neil was wrong and that his use of language was very foul. But the majority sided with Neil Bhatt. Check out the reactions here:

#AnkitaLokhande vs lord #NeilBhatt

Tu chup, tu chup ???#BiggBoss17 #BB17 Asif khan marble wala (@khan81) November 28, 2023

Loving this side of #NeilBhatt ?

The way he’s giving back to #AnkitaLokhande is just hilarious. Dude doesn’t need to show middle finger and still make people crazy Aunty Baukhla gai hai Nominate hoke ?#BB17 #BiggBoss17 VsAl (@Iam_vsAl) November 28, 2023

Neil ne kya dho daala didi ko…???#Neilbhatt#Ankitalokhande#MunAra

Ismail Shaikh (@anas69_s) November 28, 2023

#AnkitaLokhande : Itna ganda mat ban .#NeilBhatt: mai tere jaisa bannna chahta hun .

Neil you rocked!!??#BiggBoss17 #MunawarFaruqui #MunawarKiJanta Ismail Shaikh (@anas69_s) November 28, 2023

#NeilBhatt ne kia bajayi #AnkitaLokhande ??#BiggBoss17 #BB17

????? (@_Amber_Says) November 28, 2023

Senior Actor #AnkitaLokhande has come with Minimum Guarantee still she is crying#NeilBhatt is RIGHT She & #VickyJain discuss everything which Salman doesn’t know

Ankita was trying to be nice with #MannaraChopra & #Khaanzadi BUT Neil & Mannara exposed her#BiggBoss17#BB17 Alka (@Magic_Peach48) November 28, 2023

#AnkitaLokhande is THE VAMP OF THIS SEASON. That’s the tweet #BiggBoss17 #bb17 #MunawarFaruqi #MannaraChopra #NeilBhatt #AishwaryaSharma

????* (@bawlichorri) November 28, 2023

#AnkitaLokhande is so scared of nominations !!!!#NeilBhatt aur bajao iski #BB17 #BiggBoss17

Bhargav Vyas (@BhargavVyas_09) November 28, 2023

Oh god waise #AnkitaLokhande madam kis basis p bar bar bol Rae the #Neilbhatt should nominate #MunawarFaruqi ye to friend hai na munna Ki n munawar dumb Hai jo use samjh nae AA rha #MunawarFaruqi fans dekh lo bhai ye fake dosti ???

Sara (@sara14990b) November 28, 2023

I have LOST the LITTLE RESPECT that was left for #AnkitaLokhande today,

She is so Cunning & Manipulative., SO NEGATIVE #BiggBoss17 #WeekendKaVaar #MannaraChopra #NeilBhatt Alka (@Magic_Peach48) November 28, 2023

Lowkey have wanted Neil to explode on Ankita for a long time. He has finally done it in the 5th week cause his patience with her is gone #BiggBoss17 #BB17 #NeilBhatt #AnkitaLokhande

Auntie Depressants Podcast (@adpspodcast) November 28, 2023

Damm ankita is so afrid of nominations #BB17 #colortv #AnkitaLokhande #NeilBhatt

Afreen Jan (@afreen_jan31) November 28, 2023

#AnkitaLokhande desperately wanted #NeilBhatt to nominate #MunawarFaruqui but he nominated Ankita which is according to her was a safe play but when it was Ankita’s turn she chose #NaginHanda ? to nominate this week. Yeh bhi safe play howa na Ankita g phir ?#BB17 #BiggBoss17

Saira Khan (@sairakh16273639) November 28, 2023

Petition to #NeilBhatt to destroy #AnkitaLokhande and #Khanzaadi daily once at least ??#BiggBoss17 #BB17

Bhargav Vyas (@BhargavVyas_09) November 28, 2023

I support #NeilBhatt in today’s nomination for #AnkitaLokhande #BiggBoss17 #BB17 #MunawarFaruqi

BIGGBOSS (@EDUHUB56556783) November 28, 2023

Neil vs Ankita mein I am supporting Neil. Agar mereko is chichidi ke fans haters samjhte hai to mujhe ghamta farak nahi padta!!! #IshaMalvia #NeilBhatt #AnkitaLokhande #BiggBoss17

? (@be_openmindead) November 28, 2023

So basically Ankita chahti thi ki neil munawar ko nominate karta.#AnkitaLokhande #NeilBhatt

Reet Sharma (@ReetSha62661491) November 28, 2023

#NeilBhatt on Fire ?

IDK why #AnkitaLokhande is so scared of Nominations ?#biggboss17 ? (@sevensatya) November 28, 2023

#NeilBhatt agg laga di bhai agg????maja a Gaya …. Best student ?… Khokli #AnkitaLokhande ki asliyat dikha di ??… Fake aurat kahi ki

Udeepta ? (@Udeepta221199) November 28, 2023

So fake, so dumb just looking like evict ho jao, bas evict ho jao ankita.#AnkitaLokhande #neilbhatt #biggboss17 #aishwaryasharma #bb17

Vara (@JyotiradityaV26) November 28, 2023

#AnkitaLokhande can’t take one nomination silently #Neilbhatt nominated her n pe pe pe pe chalu Now who will come n give Gyan here if someone Will call U darpok,badboo aa rae than U will say ok mam thanks mam #Neilbhatt U did best nomination calling someone drpok n poking

Ankita tripathi (@successankita06) November 28, 2023

#NeilBhatt is strong. #AnkitaLokhande ki bolti band kardi. Ankita nomination mai aakar itna hyper kyu hoti hai? Har baari ka hai. Tum nominate karo to sahi woh kare to darpok. Hadh hai. Atleast #VickyJain gracefully accepts being nominated #BB17 #BiggBoss #BiggBoss17 #ColorsTv

Akanksha Kapur (@AkankshaKapur4) November 28, 2023

Talking about the nominations further, Ankita nominated Mannara Chopra. Ankita and Mannara also fought over the same. Mannara in turn nominated Arun who was shocked over the same. Later, when Mannara and Arun were talking about the nomination task, Ankita took a jibe at Mannara because she always talks about relationships and then went on to nominate Arun who she considers to be like an elder brother.  

 In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 17, we saw a nominations task taking place. Neil Bhatt nominated Ankita Lokhande and they got into a nasty fight over the same. 

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