Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma screams at Samarth Jurel for touching her; Khanzaadi says ‘Women will not be…’


Bigg Boss 17 is entertaining everyone. The latest episode of the show was full of drama, fights and entertainment. Bigg Boss had announced an immunity task yesterday and we saw a lot of drama. The contestants from each house had to choose one contestant from them who would play the immunity task. When it comes to ‘aapsi sehmati’ arguments are bound to happen and the same thing happened. But later, the Dil house chose Neil Bhatt for immunity task while the Dimaag house chose Arun Mahashettey. The Dum house could not give one name because Abhishek Kumar and Vicky Jain kept fighting. Bigg Boss then announced that the task would happen only between Arun and Neil. For the latest Entertainment News join BollywoodLife on WhatsApp. The game was about the one who’s supporters are still standing on the field will win the task. Munawar Faruqui and Samarth Jurel supported Arun Mahashettey while others supported Neil. Khanzaadi was the sanchalak of the task. Aishwarya Sharma was protecting the soldier standees from the opposite team and Samarth was trying to destroy them.

Aishwarya screams at Samarth for touching her during the task

During the task, Aishwarya screamed at Samarth Jurel for touching her modesty and asked him to play the game fair. After this, we saw a huge fight between Aishwarya and Samarth. Khanzaadi had to come in between and as usual took a stand against Aishwarya. She asked Aishwarya to step out of the game and told the ladies that only she will decide who will play the game. Ankita Lokhande, Rinku Dhawan, Isha Malviya slam Khanzaadi for this decision. She said that women will not be a part of the game because of Aishwarya’s allegations. She said she does not want anyone else to make such allegations. This is a big story in TV news.

Khanzaadi faces the housemates

In the end, Arun’s team wins and he gets the immunity. Post the task, Abhishek, Rinku, Mannara Chopra, Vicky, Anurag Dobhal discuss about Khanzaadi’s sanchalan and her wrong decision. Khanzaadi enters in and gets into an ugly argument with Rinku.

A look at the BTS videos of Bigg Boss 17 promo

Aishwarya then charges at Khanzaadi and reminds her how she had made physical assault allegations against Abhishek. Khanzaadi denies doing so and Abhishek reminds her of what she had said. This week, Sana Raees Khan, Anurag, Neil, Vicky, Munawar, Abhishek, Khanzaadi aka Feroza Khan, Arun have been nominated. Bigg Boss 17 contestant Aishwarya Sharma made a serious allegation against Samarth Jurel during the task. Khanzaadi decides to remove all the women from the task. 

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