Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt go on a date; netizens find their ‘bacche-babu’ equation irritating [Check Reactions]


Bigg Boss 17 has begun and we are in the first week and a lot of fights and therapy sessions have happened inside the house of Bigg Boss. Tonight, we saw Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma getting a therapy session. Bigg Boss organised therapy for Neil and Aishwarya as they both were not being active inside the house despite it being three days. In fact, Bigg Boss even declared them boring.

Bigg Boss sends Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma on a date

Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma are the second married couple inside the house of Bigg Boss 17. Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain is the only other married couple inside Bigg Boss. Neil and Aishwarya were not being seen in the episodes. And hence, Bigg Boss decided to make them understand. However, inside the therapy room, which was Garden of Roses, Neil and Aishwarya were seen being on two ends of the rope. While Neil was trying to make Aishwarya understand, the actress seemed extremely lost and was having mood swings. Aishwarya said she understood everything but she seemed unable to comprehend the same.

Netizens react to Neil and Aishwarya’s bond inside the Bigg Boss house

Netizens feel Neil and Aishwarya are miscast by Bigg Boss for the same. Miscast as in misfit because Neil and Aishwarya were not seen interacting or being active inside the house. They also found their date to be boring. Neil and Aishwarya calling each other bacche and babu was also highlighted by the netizens and they found it irritating. Check out the reactions here:

#BiggBoss17: just like #KhatronKeKhiladi13, #AishwaryaSharma has been Miss Cast in #BB17!! @ColorsTV stop manipulating things all the way!! Not Cool!!

salil arunkumar sand (@isalilsand) October 18, 2023

Aishwarya na khud khel paega na neil ko khelne degi..#BB17

Sakshi (@tyagisakshii) October 18, 2023

Bigg Boss ne itna footage diya Neil and Aishwarya ko only for them to give nothing. Aishwarya’s conclusion was jhagda karna padega lol

Sassy Punnu (@queer_baeting) October 18, 2023

Uff goddd Aishwarya k itna drama ?she is completely lost 1st day mein hi mood swings ?and usko lagta hai baby face banake sympathy mil jayega? Hats off to Neil for handling her since the past few years?#BiggBoss17 #BB17

My Life My Rule? (@mylifemyrule997) October 18, 2023

Neil Bhat is living in a different world if he feels Ankita is talking about him and Aishwarya behind their backs. It’s actually his friend Vicky who’s doing it ?. #BiggBoss17 #BB17

Rahul (@JaYaarYahanSe) October 18, 2023

So many interesting contestants bu they are wasting footage on the likes of Neil Aishwarya ….Abhishek and his girl…sorry I forget her name. They are so boring and predictable.

Arun, Mannara Munnawar Ankita and Vicky are most entertaining & interesting. mewho (@MewhoYouwho) October 18, 2023

Now I feel bad for Neil Bhai yeh Aishwarya din bhar bubbu ,mood swings ho rahe hai , Rona aa raha hai, bus yahi bolti rehti hai Bechara neil kaise handle karta hoga Aishwarya ko ?#BigBoss17#BiggBoss

shraddha (@4543P) October 18, 2023

aishwarya is too innocent to be in biggboss and neil thinks of himself as a smart person but he doesn’t understand shit#BiggBoss17

tahi ? (@agirlinbd) October 18, 2023

Why are Neil and Aishwarya even in the show? They are good for nothing. Immature af! Most useless couples of all times. Neil then d*mb now wants to target Ankita-Vicky because lowkey he is the one threatened by them. #BB17 #BiggBoss17 #NeilBhatt #AishwaryaSharma #AnkitaLokhande

Vinci (@vinci1203) October 18, 2023

Vicky’s analysis on Neil is quite right… he is not having any individuality in the show… aishwarya and Neil are confined within each other… not interacting much ig

_darmiyaan_ (@Achuu_SM) October 18, 2023

Aishwarya fighting with Anurag .. Neil standing behind and watching her .. BB ki therapy kaam aayi #BB17 #BiggBoss17

Nishant (@NishantTweets30) October 18, 2023

Aish and neil se high school love wali vibes aati hai although neil sensible hai but Aishwarya ?? #BB17 #biggboss17

Gulzaar? (@MikuRai9) October 18, 2023

Neil aishwarya don’t know anything but unko lagta hai unko sab pata hai ??

?????? (@tejran25) October 18, 2023

Aishwarya is not at all interacting with anyone except Neil and Neil too. This couple are only talking to each other #BB17 #BiggBoss #BiggBoss17

Haya Sehrish (@haya_sehrish) October 18, 2023

Aishwarya about Ankita lokhande and Neil Bhatt ” abhi mai toh badtameezi mei aayi hi toh nahi hoon ” .

Bahen humein pata hai tum badtameez ho . #AnkitaLokhande #VickyJain ? (@BiggBoss17__) October 18, 2023

Why would Ankita try to break Aishwarya & neil ??? This is probably the first time I heard Neil speak besides chilling the entire time. #Biggboss17 #BB17 #AnkitaLokhande #NeilBhatt

?????? ? (@realmehenaz) October 18, 2023

omggg BB LEGIT humiliating Neil n Aishwarya “you guys think u r threat! NOT A SINGLE PERSON in house thinks so! It’s cos u r non existent n boring”

Oversmart Neil: “means we ve to agree we r boring” BB: “Im not asking u! I’m staying a fact! YOU BOTH R BORING AF”??#BB17 Rachit (@rachitmehra_2) October 18, 2023

Neil and Aishwarya are dumb for real. Unhe kuch smjh nhi aa rha sab kuch ulta hi soch rhe hai#BB17 #BB17onJioCinema #NeilBhatt #AishwaryaSharma

munawar fan girl (@girlyouslayin) October 18, 2023

Aishwarya aur Neil ka pura part kitna boring hai yaar. Bhagao jaldi. Can we skip to the good part?

#BB17 Anika (@radicallyreal1) October 18, 2023

Neil seems to be mature and Aishwarya seems to be a cranky baby or she is trying to portray herself like that..

Sahira (@SahiraSharma) October 18, 2023


Neil: “bacha babu they are all planning against us the way they walk talk specially Ankita vicky samjha mera bacha babu” Aishwarya: “??? why am I so innocent WHY GOD WHY ??”#BB17 #BiggBoss17 Rachit (@rachitmehra_2) October 18, 2023

Soo irritating yr Neil toh yese behave karta hai jese tv serial mey hi hai aur aishwarya vi kitni boring hai Khatron mey toh thik hi lag rahi yaha pe kya hogaya

ABHI X MANI OWN ABHISHA Roshani Poudel ?? (@Roshanipo) October 18, 2023

Boring date ?? Aishwarya your expression is so weird and Neil is sensible here ??#AishwaryaSharma #NeilBhatt #BiggBoss17

Sanjana (@kapslove28) October 18, 2023

Tbh Aishwarya Neil nibba nibbi lag Rahe hain??

Rizwi!!?TEAM KHULLE BUTTON? (@RizWi92786) October 18, 2023

Aishwarya ki overacting ni khatam ho rahi . Khud ke pati se hi ise bhot problem hai . Neil is too good for this clown. #BiggBoss17 #BB17

(@laaljhandi) October 18, 2023

Aishwarya k moods moods swings toh bahut hi khatarnak h?? Periods mai ye haal h toh pregnancy mai kya hoga ….Neil sabhal lena apni baby girl ko….. He is too caring and loving hubby ?#Neilbhatt #AishwaryaSharma#Aishneil #Neiwarya #bb17 #biggboss17

Goldi #kdice (@Goldigu24514938) October 18, 2023

Aishwarya’s outburst inside the Bigg Boss house

Tonight, we saw Aishwarya Sharma locking horns with Anurag Dhobal aka UK Rider. He asked Aishwarya about her duty. She lashed out saying that he has been asking her the same thing for the past three days. For the context, doing duties and assigning duties has been a debatable topic inside the house. And Anurag and Abhishek are to the fore regarding the same. The Dimag wale have been aligning duties to the housemates. And it has been an issue. Aishwarya lost it today after Anurag asked her again.

Watch this entertainment news video here:

Apart from Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, other celebrity contestants include Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Sana Raees Khan, Jigna Vohra, Anurag Dhobal, Arun, Sunny, Soniya and Khanzaadi. In Bigg Boss 17’s latest episode, we saw Bigg Boss sending Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt on a date. However, netizens are not too happy with it. 

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