BIBI Spills On How Actor Song Joong Ki Impacted Her While Filming The Movie “Hopeless”


BIBI is known for being a talented and charismatic singer on stage, but she has taken on a new stage: the big screen.

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BIBI, also known as actress Kim Hyeong Seo, will star in the film Hopeless alongside actors Hong Xa Bin and Song Joong Ki. Directed by Kim Chang Hoon, Hopeless is a noir thriller film about a young man named Yeon Gyu (played by Hong Xa Bin) wanting to escape hellish reality, who meets Chi Geon (played by Song Joong Ki), a mid-level boss of a criminal organization. Together, they face a precarious world.

Poster for the upcoming film “Hopeless” | HighZium Studio

BIBI plays the role of a student named Hayan who grows up in a crisis-ridden family.

Song Joong Ki (left) and BIBI (right) | HighZium Studio

On October 10, BIBI shared various stories about filming Hopeless in an interview. In particular, she shared what it was like working with the two actors.

Director Kim Chang Hoon, Hong Xa Bin, BIBI, and Song Joong Ki (left to right) | JTBC

First, she shared that her senior, Song Joong Ki, treated her to delicious meals.

He always treated me to foods like makguksu (buckwheat noodles), dakgalbi (stir-fried chicken), and samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly). I ate all the delicious food in Chuncheon. I didn’t have many scenes with Song Joong Ki but he visited often. Sometimes, he came just to buy us food then left. He was so good to us that I wondered when I would ever experience an atmosphere like this again.


Song Joong Ki | OSEN

BIBI added that the set of Hopeless was like a family that embraced both the ugly and beautiful moments. She shared that Song Joong Ki trusted her acting and let her do as she wanted, and his kindness inspired her.

Song Joong Ki trusted my acting. He told me to do as I wanted. I learned a lot about being humane, such as how I should when I become a star… Song Joong Ki is truly a cool and good person. I want to become like him, too. I was reminded of the saying, ‘The boughs that bear most hang lowest.’ He is always smiling and takes care of the staff. And when he needs to be firm, he is firm.


Hong Xa Bin (left) and Song Joong Ki (right) | HighZium Studio

In addition to Song Joong Ki, BIBI’s co-star Hong Xa Bin also impressed her. She talked about how she got goosebumps after watching him film in person for the first time.

I felt that he had the eyes of a lead actor while shooting. He has a unique individuality. When I first met him, he seemed like an older brother next door, but it was different on set. Even if he seems like an ordinary person, when he starts filming, he has the eyes of wounded puppy. It gave me chills.


Hong Xa Bin in “Hopeless” | HighZium Studio

BIBI further explained that these “wounded puppy eyes” and gaze is something that cannot be accomplished easily. She continued to praise her senior actors and their eyes that gave her goosebumps.

These are eyes that cannot be achieved through plastic surgery. Also, Song Joong Ki is so handsome, and I felt like he was cute and beautiful. When I saw his eyes on set, it was so cool that it gave me chills. If you zoom in, I’m sure you can see my hairs on my skin standing up.


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As a singer, BIBI has only learned how to act once, and she shared why she didn’t take more acting classes.

My agency is a hip-hip company so they were worried when I said I wanted to be a singer, and when I said I wanted to act, they didn’t know what to do and put me in an acting academy. But it was scary and didn’t suit me. My self-esteem dropped.


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Despite not enjoying acting classes, BIBI shared that she “enjoys acting” and that acts with the mindset that she is in a real situation. Many are expectant to see BIBI and her natural acting on the big screen with Hopeless, which is set to be released on October 11.

 She got goosebumps. 

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