Beomhan’s Solo Debut Is Met With Harsh Criticism — He Posts An “Apology”


After making his “debut,” popular trainee Beomhan “apologized” after receiving harsh criticism.

Beomhan | @beomhanofficial/Instagram

Beomhan is someone that has been on fans’ radars for a long time. From fan events to posting content on social media, his journey as a K-Pop trainee and all the struggles along with it have been made public. He has created a strong bond with his followers, who have always encouraged him on his journey.

After no longer being part of FM Entertainment, Beomhan continued to work hard to achieve his dream. On January 31, he released the performance video for his track “Me, Myself & I.”

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While many fans praised Beomhan for everything he had achieved, he unfortunately was met with the harsh criticism K-Pop idols are known for. After the video and song were released, some netizens shared extremely harsh opinions about what Beomhan had created.


— tentee (@chuusaws) January 31, 2024

chile did he sell his voice off to ursula or something because last time i checked beomhan never sounded THIS bad omg

— :3 (@chiwisq) January 31, 2024

After the criticism was shared online, while many K-Pop idols don’t interact or probably read a lot of comments, Beomhan shared a statement on his Instagram where he apologized for the debut.

While the tone seemed light-hearted, many shared their sympathies that Beomhan had to read such awful comments.

For fans, what was even worse was that Beomhan posted a new performance video for his song, but it was dubbed “MUTE VERSION” which meant it was just him dancing and you couldn’t hear his voice.

In the caption, he wrote, “Sorry! I will work harder on my next release ~”

While the initial comments for the song were negative, many fans hit back at the hate Beomhan had received.

The people that are hating beomhan’s debut don’t understand how much he has prepared for it as a FULLY INDEPENDENT artist. He went out of his way and hired his own coaches, choreographer, and videographer. He funded the entire thing. He had put his ALL into this debut.

— ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑) (@shotas_fries) January 31, 2024

In the comments, they showcased how much hard work Beomhan had done and that even the most popular and famous idols have room to improve.

Although Beomhan seemingly made “light” of the hate, it was extremely intense. While he always seemingly has a playful personality, Beomhan has also been honest about his mental health. Many believe the harsh comments went too far and that people forget he isn’t just someone on the internet who trained to be an idol, but he’s a human with feelings.


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