Beloved Star Couple Calls It Quits — Headed For Divorce


TV Personality Park Ji Yoon and her husband, Choi Dong Suk, are reportedly headed for divorce.

Park Ji Yoon (left) and Choi Dong Suk (right) | Newsis

On October 31, The Fact reported that Park Ji Yoon and her husband were getting a divorce. The report states that the couple had attended divorce court to hand in their divorce papers.

The report then reveals that Park Ji Yoon’s label, JDB Entertainment, responded to the news. In a short statement, the label confirmed the news.

It is right that Park Ji Yoon has chosen to get divorced. We will reveal more in a later statement.

— JDB Entertainment

Meanwhile, Park Ji Yoon married her husband, whom she met while an announcer at KBS, in November 2009 and gave birth to their son in 2014. The couple was seen as role models to many budding families and has had many endorsements due to their image.

 The star’s label has confirmed the news. 

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