Beloved Couple Breaks Up, Wishes Each Other Happiness


Shin Seong and Park So Young decided not to continue their relationship.

Shin Seong (left) and Park So Young (right)

On the February 7 episode of Groom Studies (translated from 신랑수업), singers Shin Seong and Park So Young chose to end their relationship after just 220 days.

In the episode, the couple spoke about their relationship. Park So Young revealed that the public relationship took a toll on them.

At first, I was happy, but as time went by, it became a burden. Every day, I was getting older than the age I thought I would get married, and this freaked me out. I think this put even more pressure on oppa.

— Park So Young

Shin Seong agreed that their age made him scrutinize their relationship.

As time went by, I had more doubts. As I’m not young, I have become more cautious. I struggled for a long time, and I have never been rich, so I want to be able to give my wife everything. Because of this, I am still worried I am not ready to get married.

— Shin Seong

Shin Seong and Park So Young then agreed to break up. The couple decided to end their 6month relationship.

Let’s go back to who we were before we met, and each become happier.

— Shin Seong

 Fans are devastated. 

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