Beloved Celebrity Calls Out Estranged Wife For Allegedly Leaving Sick Son On His Birthday To Party Until Morning


Choi Dong Seok called out his estranged former wife, Park Ji Yoon.

Park Ji Yoon (left) and Choi Dong Seok (right) | Chosun Ilbo

On February 6, Choi Dong Seok took to his Instagram, where he posted a picture of Park Ji Yoon at a party.

In the photo, Park Ji Yoon is at a restaurant. The TV personality is seen enjoying herself with her friends.

Choi Dong Seok then goes on to write that the photos were taken on his son’s birthday.

On Sunday morning (my son’s birthday), I saw my son’s comment on his Instagram that he saw his mom at the airport. I thought that they went to Seoul together. Later that night, I saw photos of his mom all over Instagram. Photos of her drinking wine and having a good time. But on her Instagram account, there are photos of vitamins, as if she is with the children. She has since deleted that post.

— Choi Dong Seok

Choi Dong Seok then alleges that Park Ji Yoon had gone out to party on their son’s birthday and that their son was left with a sitter. The former announcer goes further to allege that Park Ji Yoon hadn’t come home until the morning of the next day.

She didn’t come home until the next day when my son was already late for school. Did she really have to go to the party? I don’t even want to argue anymore. If she had to go, couldn’t she have just left him with me? Then our sick children wouldn’t have been left with a stranger without their parents on their birthday.

— Choi Dong Seok

Meanwhile, Choi Dong Seok and Park Ji Yoon recently revealed they were getting divorced. You can read more about it below.

Beloved Star Couple Calls It Quits — Headed For Divorce


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