Beloved Actress Shocks Fans By Announcing Her Relationship And Upcoming Marriage To Popular Actor


Actor Kim Ki Ri announced that he is getting married to actress Moon Ji In.

Kim Ki Ri | naver

On January 29, Kim Ki Ri’s label Media Lab Siso revealed that Kim Ki Ri and Moon Ji In were getting married in May.

Moon Ji In | SPOTV News

Kim Ki Ri shared his excitement through his label, stating that he couldn’t be happier.

I couldn’t be happier that I have met someone who, with the same heart, I can share my life with.

— Kim Ki Ri

Meanwhile, Moon Ji In is a popular actress who debuted in 2009. The actress has since starred in popular K-Dramas such as Kill Heel, The Beauty Inside, and The Doctors. Kim Ki Ri first debuted as a comedian but has since become an actor and TV personality.

 Congrats to the couple! 

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