Before Bigg Boss 17, these Top 5 biggest betrayals in Bigg Boss shocked viewers


The new season of Bigg Boss is just around the corner. In just a couple of days, fans of the most popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 17, will get to enjoy and watch new celebrities as contestants and Salman Khan returning as the host. Names such as Ankita LokhandeVicky Jain, Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt, Kirti Mehra and more have surfaced to be a part of Bigg Boss 17. They will all entertain the viewers. But before the season begins, let’s check some of the shocking betrayals in the history of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Season 4: The Veena-Ashmit Backstabbing:

Veena Malik‘s sudden shift in loyalties during Season 4 stunned everyone, especially Ashmit Patel, as she formed new alliances and turned against her previous partner.

Bigg Boss Season 7: The Armaan-Tanishaa Double Cross:

Armaan Kohli‘s betrayal of his supposed love interest Tanishaa Mukerji by forming secret alliances with other contestants created a rift between them that led to heartbreak.

Bigg Boss Season 8: The Karishma-Gautam Betrayal:

Karishma Tanna‘s shocking betrayal of her friend Gautam Gulati during a task, where she prioritized her own interests over their alliance, left viewers in disbelief. It grabbed headlines in entertainment news.

Bigg Boss Season 10: The Manu-Mona Backstabbing:

Manu Punjabi’s unexpected betrayal of his close friend Mona Lisa during a task left everyone stunned as he chose to secure his own position at the expense of their friendship.

Bigg Boss Season 11: The Hina-Priyank Shock:

Hina Khan felt betrayed by Priyank Sharma and vice versa. The two were thick as thieves and they continue to be. But their friendship was tested inside the house on multiple occasions. They had fallout too which shocked and left their fans upset.

 Bigg Boss 17 is just round the corner and the previous seasons of Salman Khan show have witnessed some of the most shocking betrayals. Check out the biggest betrayals that left viewers stunned and contestants reeling with shock. 

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