BABYMONSTER’s “Stuck In The Middle” Sparks Heated Debate


Korean netizens reacted to BABYMONSTER‘s “Stuck In The Middle.”

BABYMONSTER | YG Entertainment

On January 31, YG Entertainment released BABYMONSTER’s single, “Stuck In The Middle.”

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What surprised netizens was the fact that the song was a ballad and that it was sung fully in English.

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The song has since sparked a heated debate between Korean netizens. Although there were some who criticized the song for being too slow and not having any Korean, many others stated that they loved the song.

The song is so good. I think it is because all of the members have good voices. I finally have something to listen to. This song is way better than “Batter Up.” The narration is corny, though… It’s like 2000s R&B meets Disney, in a good way. Their voices are so good, but I think it gets overshadowed by their beauty and concept. The song is good, although I like songs like “Batter Up/” If the song is good, I could overlook the music video’s design, but the song is just alright. But the song is good though?

I think this caters much more to international audiences. But the song is so commercial that I’m not sure what the group’s color is. Is this their English single? There is no Korean, right? Wow, I am shocked at how slow the song is. I had to check to make sure this was an idol song. I loved it by the second time I listened to it. Although their voices are pretty similar, they are nice to listen to. I rather liked their pre-debut song… I listened to that often. Having Ahyeon definitely makes a big difference. What is this? Everyone looks like fairies and is pretty. The song is good. What is the group’s direction? The song is good… Wow, they are so pretty, and the song is good.

The reaction is in contrast to the response to BABYMONSTER’s debut track “Batter Up,” which received mainly negative reactions. It seems, slowly but surely, BABYMONSTER is winning over the hearts of K-Pop fans.

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You can watch the music video for “Stuck In The Middle” in the link below.

 Will BABYMONSTER win fans over? 

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