BABYMONSTER’s Concept For “Stuck In The Middle” Immediately Sparks Backlash


Netizens reacted to the concept of BABYMONSTER‘s upcoming single “Stuck In The Middle.”

BABYMONSTER | YG Entertainment

On January 26, YG Entertainment revealed the first concept teaser for BABYMONSTER’s much-anticipated comeback.

#BABYMONSTER TITLE ‘Stuck In The Middle’

Pre Release Single [Stuck In The Middle]
2024.02.01 0AM (KST)#베이비몬스터 #PreReleaseSingle #StuckInTheMiddle #TitlePoster #20240201_0AM #YG


In the teaser photo, the members look ethereal against an otherworldly backdrop. The members are seen wearing angelic white outfits, possibly hinting at the group’s upcoming sound.

Netizens reacted to the teaser negatively, with many claiming that the poster was tacky. Many netizens lamented YG Entertainment for allegedly losing touch with the current K-Pop meta.

I think they need to strengthen their design team as well as their production team. Is this a poster for a school play? Wow. Umm… The concept is shocking. YG seriously lost its touch. They don’t do any market research and (release) something this tacky. Huh…? What is this? It’s pretty but tacky. I guess they can’t function without Teddy. I think they really need Teddy. I mean, what is this? What’s this?…

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment’s founder, Yang Hyun Suk, recently announced that BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon will be rejoining the team. Read more about it in the link below.

Yang Hyun Suk Personally Announces BABYMONSTER’s Reunion In Surprise Video


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