B.I. And iKON Finally Share The Same Stage Again, Causing Mixed Feelings


B.I. and iKON recently shared the stage again at an event, leaving fans with mixed feelings.

iKON | 143 Entertainment B.I

When iKON debuted in 2015, its lineup consisted of seven members — Jay, SongBobby, DKJu-ne, Chan, and leader B.I. It remained that way until controversies in 2019 led to B.I leaving the group, and the other members continued promoting as six.

Over the years, fans have hoped for reconciliation, though recent statements made by Bobby have made this seem unlikely.

“We Don’t Feel Anything Towards Him Anymore…” — iKON’s Bobby Responds To Korean Fan Who Criticized Him For Showing Support For Former Member B.I

However, what seemed impossible happened at a recent event.

On November 18, the first night of the two-day Supersounds Festival in Thailand took place. The line-up boasted a number of popular artists, including iKON and B.I.

| Supersound Festival

The event went off without a hitch, but fans were left with mixed feelings towards the end of the show.

A clip shared by a fan from the concert’s ending shows B.I. standing on the extended stage as the other artists who performed make their way down the catwalk. As iKON make their way down the stage, B.I. faces towards them and seems to watch until they make it to the extended state.

Your browser does not support video.| @minlolkccy/Twitter 

Once the group are out of shot, B.I. turns around and seems to have a small smile on his face.

Your browser does not support video.| @minlolkccy/Twitter 

While the group are having their final speaking moments, B.I. also turns to watch the members as they speak, another moment that has fans in their feelings. As B.I speaks, iKON politely listen to his words, with some members facing him as well.

BI ยืนมอง iKONตลอด ฉันจะร้องไห้🫶#ikon #HANBIN#SupersoundFestival#SupersoundBKK pic.twitter.com/HNRZreaC94

— ติ่งทุกวงถ้ามีตังค์ (@PChph6) November 18, 2023

#SupersoundBKK pic.twitter.com/YzBAi73Ph4

— ฮบ 🥹🫶 (@bai_toeytuey) November 18, 2023

Fans have had mixed feelings over these moments, happy to see them all on the same stage but sad because of the circumstances.

2023 bi and ikon on the same stage and same frame happened 🥹 https://t.co/775NNfN4bn

— lo (@fluffysukii) November 18, 2023

this makes me so fucking sad man https://t.co/citIRLX6N3

— ♡ paris !! ⁷ ꪜ (@jooniekisser) November 18, 2023

my iKONIC heart. OT7 will always have a special place in my heart https://t.co/6nVQmTAZpT

— chhhhhmgws (@_cchimgyuwon) November 18, 2023

 It’s been a long time since they all have shared a stage. 

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