ATINYs Shocked By ATEEZ Concert-Goers’ Lack Of Engagement In Korea


International ATINYs are getting secondhand embarrassment after viewing footage from ATEEZ 2024 WORLD TOUR [TOWARDS THE LIGHT : WILL TO POWER] in Seoul.


오직 에이티니를 향한 마음을 가득 담은 공연
우리 함께 행복을 즐겨요 에이티니
#TowardsTheLight #Will_To_Power #ATEEZ #에이티즈

— ATEEZ(에이티즈) (@ATEEZofficial) January 28, 2024

The group just kicked off this year’s tour, and international ATINYs are excited for North American dates to drop. Until then, they’re living vicariously through K-ATINYs’ fan cams. Yet, I-ATINYs were surprised by the lack of energy from the concert-goers.

When the members entered during soundcheck, the crowd remained mostly silent. Only a few cheers could be heard.

Help why is the crowd so dead for sound check

— ⋆★ Envy_Rose ★⋆ (@MspStormy) January 27, 2024

ateez walking out for their soundcheck…

— vex ☆ slow (@jellypopology) January 27, 2024

Additionally, many concert-goers didn’t have the lyrics memorized. Jongho held the mic out for the crowd to sing along, and even he was shocked to discover they didn’t know the lyrics to “Wave.” The thing is that “Wave” isn’t even a new song… It’s from 2019.

how are you a KOREAN going to see a KOREAN ARTIST who sings in KOREAN and don’t know the lyrics to a 4 year old KOREAN song is CRAZYY and yall had the audacity to to buy vip tickets

— riyan ୨ৎ (@sanmiffy) January 27, 2024

do they not know the lyrics… oh that’s kinda embarrassing

— deisy☽ | EP. FIN: WILL! (@drxyun) January 27, 2024

Likewise, according to another clip from soundcheck, only a few voices could be heard doing the fan chant. Netizens are astonished by this, considering it’s even in Korean.


What is this Ktiny Hopefully when the actual concert starts its not dead #ateez_official_ #ateez #atiny #atinyateez #atinyfyp #towardsthelight #willtopower #ateeztour


One netizen theory for the crowd silence is that these clips were from soundcheck. The crowd is smaller for one thing, and several people could have been fansites, which are more focused on taking good photographs of the members than cheering.

Yet, videos filmed mid-concert tell a different story. Apparently, the crowd was calm throughout the entire concert. It is a different culture, so the concert etiquette is expected to differ. Still, international fans cannot imagine.

the wall didn’t even crack let alone break……..

— riyan ୨ৎ (@sanmiffy) January 28, 2024

What’s with everyone being silent? Like let ateez come to africa and listen to how fanchants are done. we’d be screaming the arriba and skrrt

— shay ✮ YOUTH#1 enthusiast (@AKATEEZERS) January 28, 2024

All I’ll say is…
If you leave an ATEEZ concert (ESP. IF YOU’RE BARRICADE) without losing your voice/sore throat/carpal tunnel from signing & silent applause/hands sore from clapping/anything in that vein & you just recorded the whole time, you did it WRONG #ATEEZWorldTour2024

— jongho made hwasmissinglego sob (@hwasmissinglego) January 27, 2024

These now-viral clips have caused quite the controversy and secondhand embarrassment for ATINY. What do you think?

 They didn’t break the wall. 

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